Vermicompost-By Desicow dung

Brand = Samyuktha Agriproduct
Contact number - 9840279888
Available Quantity = 300 Ton

Included Components = Purely Organic

Item Form = Powder

Liquid Volume = Negligible

Usage = Agriculture

Cow dung compost is best organic fertilizer. Fully decomposed, made by cow dung. It does not contain any un-fermented leaves or grass.

Organic ways homemade cow dunk compost fertilizer is chemical free. Also there are no pesticides. Let your children and pets play around plants and in lawn grass after applying this. It is completely safe for them.

Natural compositions of the fertilizer will take care of overall health of your plants like vegetables such as tomato, potato, flowers such as rose, marigold, and fruits like strawberry, grass and herbs.

Cow dung manure, using red wigglers earth worms, which are considered best in vermicomposting process, making it the highest quality natural fertilizer. This product is ideal for your plants in lawns, yards, home gardens, bins, containers, pots, indoor plants and farm beds. it makes an ideal composition of potting mix too.

Best quality and highly effective compost manure for home and garden plants.

Samyuktha Agriproduct cow dung compost 100% natural & organic with no mixing of any other substances. Improvises soil and aerates it through natural processes formulated to loosen heavy soils and enhance water retention fine textured moist vermicompost.

Contains beneficial soil organisms for soil enrichment.

  • Net Quantity: 300Tont
  • Generic Name: Outdoor Plants


What is Samyuktha Agriproduct cow dung compost fertilizer:

Cow dung compost fertilizer is breaking down of organic material through the use of cow dung. Fully decomposed organic matter is called cow dung compost or cow dung castings.

Cow dung compost fertilizers Vs chemical based fertilizers:

Unlike chemical fertilizers Samyuktha Agriproduct cow dung compost fertilizer is completely organic. Apart from added advantages, Samyuktha Agriproduct cow dung compost fertilizer does not have any side-effects that come with chemical fertilizers.

In the long run it improves soil structure and fertility. It ensures healthy growth of plants without harming them in any manner.

How is our organic ways homemade cow dung compost fertilizer different:

To bring you a quality product, we produce cow dung from our own native breed desicows like kangrej, sahiwal, tharparkar, rathi, and halikar cattles for the process so it’s completely high potential compost compare with other cow dung compost. We are based in rural part of india. So we don’t use city garbage in the process.

Cow dung compost made from cow dung offers a powerful combination of properties of cow dung and vermicomposting. The best types of desi cow dung (red wigglers) are used in the vermicomposting operation. We further process it to bring you pure and only cow dung compost, mixed with nothing.

Thus organic ways homemade cow dung compost fertilizer is the highest quality product you can feed your plant.

How to apply:

Application of Samyuktha Agriproduct cow dung compost fertilizer is simple. For existing plants in pots, bins and beds, all you need to do is to spread a thin layer

(around â1/2 inch ) of vermicompost. Work it into the top layer of the soil.

For new plants use 30-35% vermicompost while preparing potting mix, plant as usual. After applying cow dung compost water the plants immediately. Apply every other month.


Weight as per at the time of packing.

Product may weigh less due to moisture loss. (2% for charity for product profit)

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