Vegetables and leafy plan in summer

Dear all experienced farmer
I am new to farming. Would like to start my farming in little and mixed plot of 1.5 acres in jharkhand.
Please help me in following

1-how to prepare my abandoned non organic farming land into " organic farm land.?.
2- should I till my entire land by tractor or not?
3-how I can make my own bed.(please guide me in this my land area is 20’- 30’. Shortest To 70’-140’ longest areawise).
4-how to cover my land by much or by plastic and why?.
5- which is best motor for irrigation in 2" pipe.
6-from where I can get indigenous vegetable seeds in kg(I don’t buy per pc seeds) please help me in this so that I can buy seeds…And yes in future I will prepare seeds from my production and will help free of cost to new or old farmer(I will ask barter - for my seeds I will ask some different seeds from others if they have.otherwise free).
I would like to know vegetables, herbs, medicinal plants name which can I grow in summer season in jharkhand,
Here temperature in 36° + today and it goes upto 45-48 ° in may.