Vegetable yield data?

Is there reliable vegetable data on yield of different vegetables in India on per acre or per hectare basis for a single harvest?

Indian Horticulture Database mentions “productivity” figures in MT/HA per year but some vegetables are planted multiple times in a year and give multiple harvests so it’s unclear how to get yield / harvest.

Any help on this is appreciated.

Dear Newbie,

For Vegetables output in kgs/acre per crop, you can refer to  handbook of agriculture in english where each crop is described.

In telugu lang, we have annadata handbook/diary  by eenadu news group which has all the details.

for  about  5 vegetables, i can send the details from this telugu handbook.

Madhava Varma
zbsf farmer, visakhapatnam

Thanks Madhava, this seems to be quite a popular book.

If any member knows an online resource on vegetable yield data, please share.


Please visit this site. Gives you a lot of information and is source is University data. So you can discount some 20 to 30% on the yield rate, … ables.html

There is also a book from UAS Bagalore but it is in Kannada. The yield more or less are matching.


Murali KG

Thanks Murali. This is very helpful.

I have found one useful PDF from this forum posted by someone that compare cost and income per hectare. Please find attachment.

I am also beginner like you so can’t say much.

We can share our initial thoughts and experiences.
PF economics.pdf (121 KB)