Varun tree - Crataeva magna/kidney stone

[size=140][font=times new roman]Varun Tree- Crataeva nurvala [/font] [/size]
varun, Maavilangam. It is a beautiful tree available in the plain areas throughout india,. This tree is an important medicinal tree. Frequently available in the plains of Tamil nadu (Salem , Trichy)
Important features of this tree

  1. The thick pale grey bark is used in ayurvedic medicin to dissolve urinary stones.
  2. The leaves are just like bilva (bael, vilvam) leaves having 3 leaflets.
  3. The leaves will fall completely in summer.
  4. Yellow coloured flowers completely fill the trees during the april, may months,  stamens are pinkish.
  5. The fruits are oval

The demand for the bark is increasing day by day. Farmers, environmental development volunteers forest department may introduce more number of this tree and and serve to the society.

Dear sir
Varun is a wonderful tree growing up to the height of approximately 20-25 feet with yellow flowers.The bark is useful to cure urine related problems e.g Prostrate can be cured through use of its bark as decoction(tea).The stone can be cured through coleus/varun combination also.The main effect of varun is on kidneys & it clarifies urine.We at medicinal plants research and propagation society grow the seeds and get them planteds in farms.The plants can be purchased from us in July every year @100/- per plant.
rc dixit

Dear Mr R.C. Dixitji

Kindly Advise other Details  like Cultivation Period  Specific Care needed if any , Harvesting timmings , what kind of Soil and weather it can be grown and other Economics please

Thanks And Regards

Kalpesh P Pandyya

Varun is a medium height tree with superb canopy and lot of shade underneaths ( so much so, that down below the tree, one gets heavenly cool feeling as if in a cooler in the months of may june).It is grown through seeds and germination rate is just 4-5%.Thus it is very difficult to grow this tree.It has yellow beautiful flowers which fill the tree and bloom in March/April.By April end flowers are replaced by lemon sized orange coloured fruits which are ready for plucking during July- August .The seeds are grown in August/September, which may germinate in 3-4 months.The plant can bear temperature from 0 degree to 48 degree celsius.It grows throughout India.It is used to treat patients suffering from prostate related problems .It is also used to treat stones in urinary passage.Its leaves are diuretic and help in clearing the bladder.Mainly it affects clearance of blocked urinal flow in the bladder.We have revised the rates of this plant in our nursery from Rs 100/- to Rs 500/- since April 2014