Varied Activities on my farm

Hi All,

I am new to farming.
Have acquired a 14 acre farm near Hosur with coconut mango jack fruit and white apple yielding trees.
I am now planning the following allied activities.
Fish cum Pearl farming. 10000 Sq ft pond.
Black soldier fly.
Paddy. 2 Acres.
Banana. 2 Acres.
Rose. 1 Acre.
2000 pepper vines.
Mushrooms - 1000 Sq ft.
I am looking at small but varied ventures so that I can be able to handle with minimum labour.
If possible I am looking at Apiculture and airoponics on a small scale to grow vegetables.
I would like to share views from fellow farmers on the above.

Hello, a few thoughts from my experience -
Farming is like a full time profession if you want this to be profitable. you need to do this dedicatedly.
Start small before you go ahead full steam. do a trail if you so wish ( i did and it helped)
Do not waste an inch of land - plan to utilise every inch both above and below ground.
Make sure you have enough labour
Most importantly - take advice of all but use advice which takes you towards your goal.
Get your market sorted.

and most importantly - welcome to a full-filling experience.


hi, so how is it going? how far have you reached in this half? a year?