VAASTU - borewell in North West?

Pls advise wether we can retain a bore well of 350 feet deep in the North West side of our agricultural land. We already have dug a new bore well of 600 feet in the North East corner… Your advise will be of great help to us.

Also pls many more tips on vastu for agricultural land or any website where we can find all our answers

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Underground water storage, tanks boring and other structures should be located in the Northeast direction of the North or the East sides. Wells should not be situated in the North-West, Southeast or the South-West directions, as it will lead to huge losses.

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Please go through the Postings in our Forum on VASTU.

But as far as my view is Concerned while digging an open well or Sump Ground Water/Surface water Tanks/Sumps vastu can be followed. But for Bore well it may not be Possible because we need to dig / Drill a Bore well as per the Ground water sources Recommendations. However you can find the following link Vastu in our FORUM … 3/#msg8273

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I just wanted to bring out an example, One of my uncle is very much involved into vastu, while constructing his house he told borewell should be digged in North-east, where as water flow existence was been suggested in south.

He put on the borewell but he is not getting the water.

Does vastu to blame in this example ? I feel where ever there is a water flow we need to take it for digging borewell…

Thats my suggestion…


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The Borewell should b digged where ever the water is avilable irrespective of the side (Disa) .The reason behind is that we are digging a Hoe and not making a Down trend well. After digging heBorewell the Surface be as it was earlier.Hence where ever there is a water flow we need to take it for digging bore-well.But open well be digged in North East Corner only.


I need some clarification regarding borewell direction. i purchased new agriculture land growing vegetables in that. I planned to construct home in that land in small portion. past 6 months before i putted one borewell for water resource it was in middle of the land, now the plot area i planned to construct the home comes north of the borewell. so borewell comes south side of the house. As per vastu many of them saying borewell should not be located in the south. But any way it was outside plot area. i am going to construct compound wall in plot area. does this wall prevent from bad effects. can any one please advice me in this. Bore well was good water resource for entire agriculture land. land is north facing road on the north side.

Correct me if I am wrong, should not Vastu be with the design of the house and not on the position of objects around the house?

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Keeping Vaastu aside for a few minutes, plan your house so that its next to the road and you are not wasting much land for the approach roads etc. Next identify a suitable plot of the desired area and define the boundaries with some differentiators like a small wooden fence, some shrubs etc etc… The defined area in becomes the plot for you and you define Vaastu for that and construct your house accordingly.

If you are still concerned about the location of the bore well, then plan it to the far end of the land so that the borewell comes north of your house. You need to leave space for the approach roads, parking etc accordingly.

PS: I am not a Vastu consultant :slight_smile: but can provide advice if needed :sunglasses:


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There is no need of go for Vaastu for Digging Borewell in a Farm. One need to go far a place where water is avilable as per Geological Survey.
One may not get a water source on North East Corner of the Plot.

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Thank you for your reply. Actually i cant able to move further south from planned place. And also if i moved south the agriculture land gets to much wasted.

Borewell is already available. just i need to know place i planned is correct or do i need to change

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As has already been stated the Borewell has to be dogged where water is avilable and not where there is no water. Where water is avilable that is the GOOD place for our Vastu.

I agree your statement.

The truth about craze for North-East corner for Drilling a Borewell
It is a common expectation to get groundwater in the north-east corner of the site or plot for drilling a borewell, as it is believed to be auspicious. By probability, only 25% people will succeed. Others meet losses on account of failures in striking water, which is purely dependent on the availability or otherwise of groundwater there and accuracy of striking the targeted stream. The reason for this belief is rarely known to the public. The “vastu” consultants, water diviners, hydrologists and geologists too are yet to find the satisfactory rationale behind it. The present article addresses this issue, for the benefit of all the concerned and concludes its invalidity in today’s context.
The movement of groundwater is of two types: One, away from hotter rocks (thermal) and two, from higher level to lower (gravitational), i.e. the physical property of water to maintain its level. In the course of its flow, water transfers its vibrations to the surrounding earth-mass, which travel with a dampening speed from the source of vibrations to the surface of the earth. These vibrations are more traceable on earth surface, in varied degree, based on the type of earth-mass through which they travel and fade away in air above the earth after their dominance in a range upto about 4” to 6” above the earth. These are low amplitude infrasonic waves (not audible by human ear) up to a frequency of 20 Hz (cycles/sec).
In the olden days, people used to sleep at home on the ground with or without a pillow, with their head closest to the earth. So, the brain is, normally, within the zone of influence of these mild groundwater-transferred seismic infrasonic vibrations.
Our thoughts, emotions and behavior are based on the synchronized electrical pulses flowing in the brain, generated by the neuron-mass vibrations, with the frequency ranging from 0.5 Hz to 42 Hz( Delta wave to Gamma waves, from deep sleep state to complex thinking, decision making, reacting, etc)). During deep sleep and sleep, these waves are called Delta (0.5Hz to 3 Hz) and Beta (3Hz to 8 Hz). This stage gives healing, regeneration, subconscious activity like intuition, visual imagery, dream, besides rest and relief to the body. Any dominant adverse impact/ undesirable impulse to these brain waves results in mental disorders and their continued effect will lead to chronic diseases of the brain and psychological imbalances in the individual affected.
For most of the time we used to be in bed-rooms, in a 24-hour-cycle of our life, under delta and beta waves. Most people have entrance of their homes to either east or north side of their plot and keep other corners for kitchen and bed-rooms. In order not to have the influence of these groundwater-related seismic waves on their brain waves, people prefer north-east corner for water (borewell or well). These seismic vibrations are present on the entire streamline/s in the plot or site. The present day system of not sleeping on ground and multi-storied constructions protect us from these dominating earth-vibrations, which die away after 6” above the earth, due to sound pollution in atmosphere.
In conclusion, the old belief of north-east corner for drilling borewell as auspicious, has no relevance, with change in the sleeping style (using cot/sofa, i.e. above 6” from earth) and new type of constructions of houses/multi-storied apartments. Moreover, this is not applicable to Agricultural lands/Industrial/Commercial sites/Public places. So, the north-east craze for borewell as auspicious is outdated, without a valid reason and ignorable in borewell-drilling decisions.
For more details, call me at 00919538909542 or write to
Bhustalimath B M,
Groundwater consultant, Bengaluru.
The truth about North.docx (127 KB)

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Thank you very Much the strong believers of Vaastu in Agriculture . But it may not be possible to get a successful bore well exactly at North Side, East side,North East side of the Land. One need to get bore-well drilled as per the recommendations of the Geologist who is the expert in divining the Ground water resources/potentiality of the water in the Land. To avoid discouragement of the strong believers of Vaastu, we are suggesting a via media proposal to fulfill their belief and have Sanctification and fulfill their sentiment it is suggested to construct a Farm House making the Borewell be kept at North East side to the Farm House.Then their sentiment will be fulfilled and also have water to their Farm Land.

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Having bore wells in both north east and north west it will be added advantage for you to come up with your experiences in both the bore wells.
First let us know from you that since how long that north west bore well is using and farm productivity out of the water utilization from bore well at north west?
You can include Land lord health factor also along with farm productivity.

After analising of north west Bore well, please observe the farm productivity out of water used from north east bore well.

It is not correct to see whether it is North East or North West. Borewell has to be drilled as per the Geological survey .And hs to be drilled where water is avilable. If we go far the Directions , there may not be water on that Direction.

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  1. Can any one come up with their progress after drilling bore well in South east, South west and North West?

  2. Also request results of you having water source either in north east or north portion of agriculture land.

Still Iam not able to find a person who won the game of Agriculture with water source mentioned in 1st para.