Using rotavator in Pomegranate, Sandalwood plantations

Hi All - Could someone please advice:

Have 1 year old pomegranate trees and 2 years old sandalwood plants (not intercropped and they are separate). In preparation for the upcoming rainy season, am considering green manure crops (Daincha & Cow pea) to incorporate in to the soil and also to manage weeds during the season.

Have seen some videos where farmers advised not to use rotavator in these crops as they will damage the root system of the plants (both Pomegranate and Sandalwood). I have seen literature that pomegranate root system is shallow and can go to the depths of 1 to 3 feet max. However, couldn’t find this information for Sandalwood plants. Have a feeling rotavator will incorporate at least to one feet deep which may potentially damage the pomegranate roots.

appreciate any insights/suggestions. Will be concerned if I can’t use cover crops as the land will be dominated by weeds.

thanks -Sunil

You can use a rotovator .The depth of a rotovator is same or lease than a cultivator . Given that the crop is a year old the roots would not have developed too much and if it is a regular size tractor there would be atleast a feet gap between the plant and the rotovator blades however close you try to till

Thanks, I am planning to sow one row of cow pea next to the plants and then Daincha in the middle which seems to be Ok.

You can use rotovator without any problem. Normally, the rotovator will only turnover the soil up to a depth of about 3 to 4 inches max. It turns over the top soil and integrates the plants growing on the land into the soil. It is very effective for weeds of most kinds. Using a cultivator can damage roots in the long run.

Thanks John & Yugaaa.

although it is not me who asked that question, i still wanted to say lots of thanks John and Yugaaa for answering that as well. but also thanks to you vritifarms simply because you’ve already asked! thanks again!