Using coir pith as compost for mango

I am planning to put about 10 Kgs of coir waste in my mango pits. Due to time constraints, I do not plan to decompose it.

Although it is raw, I am thinking of putting it at 3 ft level (not at top level), so that by the time the roots reach 3 ft, coir compost would have decomposed…

Is this thought of mine correct or will it cause problems to the roots?

Dear Mr.,

Plse note composting is a microbial activity and generate heat energy , and adversely affect root

system. During composting the liberated carbon dioxide combines with water to form carbonic acid

it is acidic. (see interaction of pH and nutrient availability). Cocopeat contain tannins,Polyphenols

etc. It acts as  a powerful growth inhibitor. second thing is C:N ratio is more important for  speed up

composting process. ( Refer what is C:N  ratio). See the method biofarms developed for  Biocompost

and will give excellent results. And it is approved by the cardamom farmers.

Any doubts regarding composting, Biofarms ready to hear you.

Thank you
Good Luck