Using Borewell motor instead of submersible Pump in a open well


A general question - Can a bore well motor be used for lifting water from Open well? we have a motor of 1.5 HP which was used to lift water from a borewell which has since gone dry.

The Borwell motor has to be kept in standing posiition.
You will waste lot of space in your pond when you keep the pump like this.
Better to go for open well pumps.


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Thanks Nikhil, Space is not a constraint as we have a pump house next to the open well whcih is where the motor would be placed.

Yes , it can be done , subject to

  1. pump should be vertical
    2)check No of stages of the pump , More than a few stages in the pump used will give only pressure and flow is limited, leading to inefficiency.
  2. Delivery with high pressure needs some kind of pressure reduction technique, (Even large dia pipe for last few feet will do.)
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