Urgent: Rice Disease organic solutions

Crop: Rice
Variety: Rajamudi
Location: Hyderabad

Hi I have shared two photos.One is healthy. But getting some paddy seeds in white. It’s hollow and won’t produce rice. How to correct it? Looking for organic solutions.

It will be difficult to control chaffy grains now, once the panicles have emerged. It is possibly a result of various factors during the earlier growth period - a couple of them being stemborer or gundi bug infestation. Suggest you go for neem based spray if possible. Keep in mind the damage that might happen due to trampling when sprayer-man enters fields.


Spray neem oil 10000ppm


Chaffy grains in rice are either due to rice stem borer or rice earhead bug.

1.Clip the seedling tips before transplanting to eliminate egg masses.
2.Install light trap @ 1 / ha and pheromone trap @ 5 / ac.
3.Release egg parasitoid, Trichogramma japonicum @ 2cc /ac 3 times at weekly interval.
4.Spray Neem seed kernel extract 5% or Azadirachtin 0.03% 400 ml/ac.


This problem is caused by Paddy Crop Yellow Stem Borer insect,
its organic control is to spray
→ Metarhizium Anisopliae 3 ml/Liter +
→ IFC Neem Oil 10000 PPM 2ml/liter +
→ Pseudomonas Fluorescence 3 ml/Liter of water

This will reduce the occurrence of insect and will prevent fungal infection that may have been caused due to this.

You can order these products from the website - www.bharatagri.com.

Thank you for the response. The saplings are planted in the SRI method, so one can easily walk through without crop damage.

Thank you for the response

Thank you for the detailed response

Do you have product links for pheromone traps and trichogramma japonicum? Can you please email me aravind.tsy@gmail.com

i saw your photos. first one is the sucking pest has eaten the rice milk or stem borer
if it is stem borer you can easily take out the seed stem. if it is not coming means the reasons sucking pest which can be controlled
and i am seeing some mealy bugs

you can control the mealy bug by spraying sodium bi carbonate ( idly soda powder) and it will melt
i have bio growth promoter which will speed the process of maturity so that the insect will not have time to eat.
send your whatsapp number and i can share my results after using my tonic.

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