Urgent requirement for low cost bamboo polyhouse construction

Hi folks, I am a beginner farmer from Jharkhand (Ranchi). For the past 5 months I am in a urge of seeking subsidy fro the construction of polyhouse from government but there’s a huge disappointment because as per the authority subsidy is presently not available and they are not sure how long it will take. I want to construct low cost bamboo polyhouse (2000 sq mtr) in my area. Could anyone please guide and help me from where I can get constructed. If anyone feel free to contact me.

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Rajeev Ranjan
Mob: 09546550753

hello rajeev ji … instead of bamboo , why not you are using some old materials of poly house may be you have low fund for it … old materials is batter then bamboo

Hi @sanju, could you be please more specific about of what kind of old materials should be used to reduce the cost. Thanks.

Hi, Please check out this link


All the best in your endeavour.

KS Raj

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