Urgent: Problem of Excess of CHUNA/Limestone in plants and conterpractice!


While i as on tour to other state, My workers accidentally put handful of CHUNA/Limestone (insteed of ssp) on my banana plants. Noq all of the plants are turning horrible yellow.

as a first conteraction i have added one bucket of cow-dungcompost  and vermicompost in them and sprayed with cowurine and micronutrients.

The condition of plants are getting worse day by day, most of them are turning pale yellow.

can anyone suggest what should i do. 

few images attached:

Yellowing of plants leaves are due to inability to absorb  iron and manganese by the roots due to chalky soil.
Sulphur can be tested as its only the chemical worth trying, This causes the convert of soil bacteria  into sulphuric acid, which in turn reacts with the lime to form less-soluble  gypsum or calcium sulphate,
Try this in a small area of your farm and if it works then try in larger area.
Reducing PH will be a little difficult task also ,Iron sulphate is also recommended .
Note : try in a small area before implementing in your total farm.Dosage depends on the soil.
Good luck.

hi try the method suggested by vertical to correct the soil condition…  also give foliar spray with micronutrients  especially  iron  manganese and zinc  . repeat the sprays with lesser doses  frequently.-----  you had stopped the supply of these nutrients from soil to plant by applying excess lime.  so try supplying them thru the foliage  till the soil condition is corrected. pl post the results

i have added grounded sulphate (agricultural grade sulfur), four days back.

I have a q: I read somewhere that addition  of smaller dose of urea will also help. what u guys think?

i have also sprayed the micronutrient mixture on same day, as suggested i will repeat the spray in following days.

I think the condition is a bit stable, not spreading that rapidly. but still its in bad condition due to immediate effect of limestone.

I will upload some pics tomorrow and also post all my results.

thanks a lot for suggestions :slight_smile: :slight_smile: