Urea with Neem Oil

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Can someone please advice me how to use urea with neem oil for effective application?
What will be the benefit against application of only urea?


hey Again Siddhartha,
what is the crop and what is the target you are aiming to achieve ?

urea will increase the area of the leaves, keeping the density same. which will result in thinning of the leaves and hence more prone to attacks by sucking pests and other fungal infestation.

so if you could tell the purpose, it would be easier.


Hi Vivek,
Thanks for your reply.
Actually I want to apply urea on my paddy field and banana.

There are 18 types of nutrients needed to plants, Nitrogen is one of it, urea can supply only nitrogen. This is easiest way but…Not ecofriendly. It is a petroleum by product.

Why dont you think of below for foliar sprays
Pancha gavya can suply 18 types
Vermiwash can supply 13 types
Fish Amino Acid(100% natural and organic) Can supply 10 types
Jeevamritha Can supply 18 types

EM,AEM,IMO, Egg amino acid,…so on all boakshi methods all are foliar spray.

among above Jeevamritha and vermiwash are most easy and cost effective solutions.

Thanks Mr. Sri.
I agree on your suggestion that urea is a petroleum bi product.
But my only question is that plants require high nitrogen for growth and urea is giving 46% of nitrogen, where as Pancha gavy, Jeeva mrita etc. gives 2-3% of nitrogen. For full filling the requirement of N I will require huge amount of Pancha gavya and Jeevamrita.
For example each plant of G9 banana requires 250gm N for providing 40kg bunch. So I prefer urea is the best to provide that kind of N. Can you please suggest in this case? 


Foliar spray is only growth promoter not main nutrient. Contents of Jeevamritha is already discussed. Jeevamritha must not be used alone because it is not a fertiliser by itself.But when it is used as foliar spray itt works as growth promoter. it has to be used along with mulching of biomass. So N of 2% and N of straw will exponentially improve.

We need 430g/plant/year( this incase of urea granules, we need only 300g of water soluble uera)

Usually it is supplied 35g/plant/ month 

Let us take vermi compost for Banana, we need aprox 2Kg(asuming 20g of N/KG of vermicompost) we can increase 15% for every dose. increase in dosage is to balance Phosporouse and potash variations.

I took vermicompost for easy calculations. For jeevamritha may need a equation to calculate exact amount of biomass.

Thank you sir for providing an opportunity in Answering your  Question.
Urea is having 46% of Nitrogen content a bio-product of Petroleum. When it is contaminte with Water or soil (Earth) it will easily be release Nitrogen Very Fast. It will release Nitrogen more than the Plant using it.Hence in Traditional Method the while the Urea is using by mulching with soil .  Mulching with soil is a Laborious Practice and costs more in view of the Costly Farm  Labor Component.

In view of the above a New Technic has been evolved  by Mixing Neem Oil with the Urea.Because the Neem oil is Covering the Urea Granules. On covering of  Urea Granules the Nitrogen will be released very slowly. Other way this Neem content will act as Pest resistant to Plants.  It is advisable to use 2-3 Liters of Neem oil to Urea of 50 Kgs.The Oil be mixed well before applying to the Plant s. Bag. Then the Nitrogen content the Urea will be released  slowly  and optimum Nitrogen will be used by the Plants.

Using of Panchgaya and other Organic Fertilizers is a Different Concept. The above method is for the Farmers using Chemical Fertilizers.

sems a nice concetp : ““Neem Oil with the Urea””

what if we use karanj Oil… will it be of any harm?

Thanks sir for a wonderful suggestion.
Just one query: we are now getting neem oil coated urea. Do we required to apply again 2-3 lt of neem oil with urea now or neem coated urea will solve the purpose? please advice.


Thank you Sir,

Karanj Oil also can be used and it also  insecticide but Karanj Oil it is costly affair.
Which ever is feasible for you can be used. This Concept of  Oil coating on urea is 
Optimum utilization of Nitrogen content in the UREA and ilso it will be helpful in
protecting insecticides generated on use of UREA effect.

Thank you Sir,

Neem Oil coted UREA can also be used and it also gives same effect  provided this
Neem Oil coating is made by the Company itself  .
Which ever is feasible for you can  use.

This Concept of  Oil coating on urea is  Optimum utilization of Nitrogen content
in the UREA and also it will be helpful in protecting crop from insecticides generated on
use of UREA .
Vasudha Green Farms,Hyderabad.