Urea solution application

Dear Members,

Kindly advice me if there is any wrong by adding urea solution (with water) instead of dry urea to crops like cauliflower, potato, tomato, bottle gourd, banana etc.

Thanks in advance.

Nothing wrong.
If you have drip irrigation you can use venture and any water soluble fertiliser. you can save 20-30% of fertiliser.

You can give weekly twice a small dosage.
This has the advantage :
Slow release of N thus less wastage due to oxidation.
Less labour intensive.
Accurate and uniforme distribution of of fertiliser.
This is called fertigation and is the main contributor to precision farming(widely followed in Tamilnadu). TN farmer have recorded 40-50% increase in yield by following this method.

Thanks Mr. Sri.
Actually we have drip at banana only.
For crops like onion, cauliflower, potato, we have developed ridge and furrow.
Hence, can I go for making and dosing water solution of fertilizers like SSP, MOP and Urea on that also? Please suggest.
Thanks again.

you can do it but it is waste of fertiliser and you will end up in feeding fertiliser for weeds.