Urban Farming in Natural (Palekar) and Permaculture Methods


As am from software background, i want to learn and practice farming before i step into big land. In this process, i have started urban farming with my friends by clearing a land filled with debris from years in a small area of 300 square yards plot in Sainikpuri, Secunderabad.

In our farm, we follow natural farming methods of Sri Subash Palekar and also permaculture methods.

We are growing

  1. [color=maroon]Creepers[/color] - bottle gourd, bitter gourd, ridge gourd, ivy gourd, velvet beans and winged beans.

  2. [color=maroon]Vegetables[/color] - tomato, green chilli, black chilli, regular brinjal, thorn brinjal, bush beans, bush malabar spinach, cylone spinach, cow pea, banana, curry leaf, tapioca, red & green varieties malabar spinach, moringa (drum stick), cabbage, turmeric.

  3. [color=maroon]Leafy Veggies[/color] - coriander, methi, spinach, sorrel, roselle, amaranthus.

  4. [color=maroon]Fruits[/color] - Mulberry, dragon fruit.

  5. [color=maroon]Pollination attractors[/color] - zinnia, amaranths, balsam, cosmos, cockscomb, sun flower, Butterfly pea(Clitoria ternatea), Allamanda.

  6. Onion, lemon grass, Indian oregano, marigold and basil as [color=maroon]Pest repellent[/color].

  7. [color=maroon]Nitrogen Fixing plants[/color] - Glyricidia, cow pea, pigeon pea, methi and velvet beans.

  8. [color=maroon]Medicinal Plants[/color] - Indian oregano, Adamant creeper (Cissus quandrangularis), Aloe vera and Butterfly pea(Clitoria ternatea) flower got medicinal values.

  9. [color=maroon]Flowering plants[/color] - Spider lily, rain lily, hibiscus, gomphrena, Allamanda, wood rose.

We are selling the harvest to residents of neighboring apartments from past 2 months.

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