Unfair practice by 'nostradamus' labour contractor (Mr. Sijish Nambiar)

Dear Members,

I was on Diwali vacation and could not access the forum since couple of days. Hope you would refer various threads and discussions against fraudelent business tactics and luring business expressions about one of the business member of this forum as well as agirculture information forum Mr. Sijish Nambiar who operate in the user name of "nostradamus:

I have several time noticed and notified the suspicious contents and also questioned its logical ends about many of proposals and threads started by Mr. Sijish Nambiar in this forum. There are other few members on this forum who fell vicitums of Mr. Sijish Nambiar

During my vacation, he has made several phone calls to me and communicating in foul language with life threatening words. Since I was engaged in a social function, I have not attended his further calls. However he has sent an sms “U shld gve ur addres we serious to close u With regards, sijish nambiar. He has sent this SMS from mobile no. 919677982862 on 13-11-12 at 3.52.pm

This type of behaviors from a member is never solicited and expected. Request moderators to the needful,. so this forum will become a real source of knowledge sharing platform in agriculture and its allied activities instead of a plat form for fraudulent persons to lay the trap to other members.

His various threads in this forum as well as other agricultural forum which lacks logical conclusions and purely in the nature of scam/fraude published in this this forums as follows

RS 1 crore(5year/per acre)
beware…sijish nambiar
farm nest (Multi-page thread 1 2)
Dragon king wanted?
looking for job?
benzolive/rs 4,00,000 per acre (Multi-page thread 1 2)
labours for benzolive planting
sale for benzolive planting material
high yielding benzolive cultivation
labour,supervisor,farm manager


rajan mathew

Ps : He publishes his various threads with following address
GWT- Agricultural Labour Research & Consultancy
NO 72,Murugan CompleX
Nehruji Nagar
South India
9003828077 /9487002125
GWT-Globalwarming reduce Technologies frm southindia Agriculture

Hi Mathews,

This is not good, I think you should let the the member know that you intend to notify the police authorities of the threats, and go ahead with that if the threats continue.

A few clarifications about the activity of nostradamus on FarmNest, since your comments are not accurate for this site.
[li]There is no concept of business members on this forum[/li]
[li]There is only one approved post from the member in the 2 years of registering, and the allowed post is not to do with any services. Every other post was removed - do you see any of your posted topics anywhere on the forum?[/li]
[li]The member was warned many times for his postings and was banned permanently some time back[/li]
[li]In fact, due to the above, the member has posted some baseless negative comments about FarmNest on another site and we continue to work with the member demanding a formal apology[/li]
[li]And yes, the member wants our physical address supposedly to complete some formalities/settle the scores![/li][/ul]

Dear Chandraji,

thanks for your reply.

Regarding police compliant, I felt from his various threads and communications either he is a fraude or mentally unstable person. and largely Barking Dogs never bite… so let him to waste his time. and meantime we notified his tacts in various forum to alert respected members.

His tacts and threads spreads in various general agri forums so I have used same published threads in every forum. some of the points may not be appropriate to Farm nest but purpose is that just put on alert and warn other respected members as most of the members access other agri forum too.

thanks once again your efforts to filer all unwanted users and tacts so this forum will become one of the most sought after platform in agri and its allied activities.

rajan mathew


[list][li]And yes, the member wants our physical address supposedly to complete some formalities/settle the scores!

Hi Chandra, Rajan,
    please be careful and take care of yourself . I will suggest no need to share your address and even be cautious on calls pretending to be verification calls for various purpose . I will suggest to think of legal action for threatening .


Thanks ppb. A good example demonstrating why personal information should be shared with caution over the net.

I have interacted with Sijish a couple of times in 2010 when we were starting out. I agree with Mathew about his behavior. In fact, I personally know a couple of people who have lost their deposit in hope of getting labour.

Apparently, he has subscribed to my blog. Any ideas how one can 'unsubscribed ’ or blocked in blogger ?

dear friends,

thanks for sharing valuable experience and suggestions


Dear saverafarms,

You should click on the “Followers” List in your Overview Page and it will show the members.  Click on the specific member and Click on “Block this User”.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

I am agree witht this(no need to share your address and even be cautious on calls pretending to be verification calls for various purpose).
Let them do what they are doing…

Yes. Mr. Sijish Nambiar does a great con job. Even i got cheated by him. See this link for complete details.


Apparently, this issue continues and there are some new threads on agricultureinformation.com

Today, we (and agricultureinformation.com) received the following message on supposed “repayment” from sijish with a request to publish - use your own discretion.

And then I see this post on the other forum!  :astonished:

Yes Chandra,
I have taken a print screen of all the messages he has sent. He has reedited most of the messages. He has used foul language in the forum as well as in the messages sent to me. I have saved all the messages.

With this message you can understand as what level this person can go to justify his doings.

Dear All

Today we are more in technology revolution and every thing available on finger tips. Development lead us optimization but same time there are bad elements in digital world as such as in physical world.

Sijit Nambiar is a fraud, and there are many more sijits nambiars you can identify in many of our E platform.  Just look in to ads given in forums on cheap lands in TN, KA…etc  We can not stop them because 1 Sijit nambiar may be stopped but another 10 will raise. So better we apply our due diligence in any thing which seems as a lucrative and very much beneficial to us.

In this time, no body does business for charity. Any tall claims are just tall claims nothing genuine. It is something like Goat scheme, Manchium, teak wood scheme… many scandles lured public money some couple of years back. 

Before we respond to any of the lucrative scheme, just take a back few steps, review it, check with some friends, source or you can simply seek suggestion in forums like Farm nest. You will get thousand of fact check response immediately.

There are utter shortage of labours and then how some body can provide labour so cheap… !  I have warned about Sijit Nambiar many years back but still he continue to lure educated people , its very sad. Are we farmers have full of money just to pour on such frauds? please please stop such practice and think twice before shell out money on any schemes.

Meantime request victim to please file complaints against Sijit Nambiar for fraud criminal intimidation…etc with near by police station and post our warning notices, experience shared in farm nest in other social media like facebook, twitter…etc

best wishes and best of luck.

rajan mathew

sijish nambiar is smart
he himself asking for labors in other ids  ;D check in other forums ;D :sunglasses:
he is using different usernames
no customer is satisfied with his services
and look at the way he replies
he is blackmailer
ban him and his proxies
thank you

Yes, he is banned on FarmNest for many years now.

Framnest with the moderator option is definitely pretty good and proactive too.

This week is their refinance mela proclaimed by the nostradamus of Palani, sijish nambiar.

Why do other portals allow such fraud misleading postings.

Going by history, it is better to be exercise caution about interactions in general.

These are the new strategies Sijish Nambiar is trying justification with.



This seems to be true…
I have recieved complaints against this Sijish in our facebook group also


I am keeping him on a blacklist