UHD Guava plantation grown in an organic method

Red guava of traditional variety cultivated in 12 acres of land in Ultra High density method
2000 trees per acre
spacing 2 M row to row
1 M tree to tree spacing


Right now all these farming related activities are looking less glamorous . Reason …prices . Imagine a KG of tomato selling at 1 re or a kg of mango selling at 4 Rs or a kg of water leon selling at 2 rs . It does not make any sense to cultivate with no minimum support prices given that to grow water melons or tomato involves a cost which is at least 3 times of the selling price . If one did calculate the price of power and motor costs , plumbing costs … the only viable option is to produce milk rather than cultivate

You are right of course
1000 cows bring extraordinary profit

It does not do good to be sarcastic . It is not you who is getting burnt at the end of the day .

Dear Mr.Yugaa
Don’t think it is sarcastic …I mean really well for you
If you closely look at one success story about MILK BUSINESS IN TAMILNADU " AROKIYA " then you will understand how much truth underlies my message
A dairy unit started in a small scale earlier has hit the MILK business in a big way now
By maintaining large no of cows you can not only run a MILK business and you can also produce electricity bio gas organic manure etc
All that bring you profit
Sorry you have mistaken

Any business may it cultivating or may it dairy farm it depends only demand & supply, as per your message if farmers produce more tomato supply is high demand is low so automatically price will come down.
in summer seasons if you observe vegetables prices will go high due to supply low demand is high.So in India weather condition are different from one location to another location, we don’t have any preservative methods to store agriculture products ( Cold stores etc need to develop in India).

Coming to dairy farming it is also major challenge in India, you may ask why because
one person want to set up a dairy farm challenges are

  1. Land for shed construction & land for feeding means cultivating grass or mixed grass
  2. Location
  3. Should have demand & good price in local market

In most of cases we cant get land near by city ares because of high cost ( for lease or to rent), so opt for our own village because we have own land & no need to pay any kind of rents.

if you started with 25 buffalo’s , from this 25 buffalo’s milking will be approximately 200 liters per day

the problem started here

this 200 liters to whom you have to sell why i am saying like this because we have started at our own village in our village most of the people will have minimum 1 buffalo so they wont buy from you.
So ultimately we need to sell your milk to existing milk distributors ( Like Arokya, Heritage, Vijaya, etc) but they wont pay high to you it depends on fat on milk.

here you required buyers to pay minimum 70 Rs per liter( No Water Mixed to Milk) than only dairy farm will work out other wise you need to face many problems like buffalo’s feeding , labor cost , electricity & other consumed goods. to maintain all this if you get 40 RS per liter Nothing will in your hand,

I used to be a distributor for arokiya … sucess story of arokiya was that they used to give 4.5 % snf compared to the rest who used to give only 2.5 to 3 % in those days . There was another milk gomatha which got taken over by Arokiya who used to give around 5 % snf