Types of brush cutter

how many type of brush cutter are available and which is best to use. can you suggest me the brush cutter from where i can buy?



Brush cutter is a standard implement. It has different cutting attachments/blades depending on what you need to cut and how thick it is. Some of them are gasoline engines and new ones are battery powered.

I would recommend Stihl or Husqvarna. Both are expensive but are top notch pro quality tools. They should last a long time if used properly. They are other brands such as Aspee etc which might be good value for money. Makita is a also a solid Japanese brand. But I do not have first hand experience with it.

They are generally available in most of the Mofussil towns. Most of them have informative websites with dealer location and contact details. The local brands have multiple resellers. Even Amazon retails them. But some of the brands do not support ones bought online or from “unofficial” channels.

Hope this helps. If you require more information, please let us know.


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Had a disappointing experience with Makita brush cutter, contrary to expectation.

hi Amol,
There are several types of brush cutters available on the market, each with its own features and advantages.

  1. Handheld Brush Cutter: These are lightweight and maneuverable brush cutters designed for small-scale clearing tasks and lighter vegetation.
  2. Wheeled Brush Cutter: Also known as a walk-behind brush cutter, this type is suitable for larger areas and tougher vegetation. They are equipped with wheels for easier movement and often have a more powerful engine.
  3. Backpack Brush Cutter: These brush cutters are worn like backpacks, distributing the weight evenly. They are ideal for tackling dense vegetation on uneven terrain or steep slopes.
  4. Brush Cutter Attachment: Some brush cutters are attachments that can be connected to compatible power tools, such as string trimmers or multi-tools. This allows you to convert your existing equipment into a brush cutter.

It depends on your usage which will be best for you. I am using a backpack brush cutter. I got it from Pumpkart. You can consider them. They have many varieties and at the best price.

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