Turmeric cultivation

tumeric cutlivation and its marketing information either it is now running in loss or gain condition can any 1 provide information on this…

Dear Harishchandra Ji,

Here is what I could find,
Turmeric futures rose more than 1 percent on Thursday,
supported by firm demand in the domestic market from north Indian buyers while expectation of a drop in output next year due to lower area under cultivation also aided the rise.[/color]
[color=purple]Source: Economic Times (27 Dec 2012)[/color]

It purely depends on your local market.
In my place,yes. it is loss, my neighbouring farms, harvested it and processed and waiting for good price.

The positive point is you can preserve it after processing it.

Hello All

IS any one in this forum currently cultivating turmeric ?

I had planted pratibha, suroma and a variety called ‘GUNTUR’  in 5 acre of open plot in june 2013, planning to harvest it in march 2014 !

i could post some pictures if people here are interested,

leaves have started to dry and fall on the ground, i take that as a sign of turmeric plant going into hibernation in winter.

regarding the market of turmeric, its huge. either you process it or sell the rhizomes as seeds. Major plus point with this crop is that you can boil - dry it and then keep it for as long as you want, whenever you find the rates convincing then just powder it and sell.

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