Trees which yeild in 5-6 years

Hi All,

I am farming about 1 acre of land with coconut trees. I am planning to plant “hebbevu” (Kannada) trees along the border. My question is is there an alternative tree for border fence that can yeild in 5-6 years?

There are profitable trees based on soil and water conditions. Where’s this place. Regards, Perin

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Hi Karthik Yes there are very profitable trees. Which location is this.




Yes Sir “Hebbevu” otherwise Called as Melia Dubia, Malabaar Neem etc. This is the FASTEST GROWING TREE in the World. In view of the Increasing Demand for this Timber you can cut and sell it after 3 Years onward.
Satyanarayana. Manne,
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Hi Perin,

This is in Arkalgud taluk in Hassan.
Can I reach out to you for advice?


Sure Please connect 8861688810 Sorry for the late reply.