Tree roots clogging in borewell

I am from Sivaganga distrct Tamil Nadu.
There is 200 feet borewell in my house. Water is at 60" level.
There two coconut at a distance of 8" and 15" from the borewell. And a big mango tree at a distance of 20". Tree roots are clogged at 65" feet level. The borewell driller is Unable to identify which tree roots might have clogged.
I need advice on the different options to clean the roots. Also advise me if I need to cut the trees around the well.
I am sentimental about cutting the trees. Is there any way to protect the well from clogging roots without cutting them.

65 feet is too deep for the roots to reach.

try using a borewell camera to find out the problem. may be your borewell wall has caved in.