Tree-Based sustainable Farming-Lecture by Dr.G.N.S. Reddy-(in English)


There are few interesting lectures on Natural farming see below links. … ure=relmfu

To know about Dr.Reddy here is a quick link … ponds-baif

Highly insightful. Thanks for posting. I started watching with skepticism but this does make a lot of sense.

Members who haven’t seen this - Dr. Reddy describes why monoculture is failing small farmers in the country and leading to suicides. He also proposes a solution. Watch all three videos in given sequence to understand the proposed system fully.

The model Dr. Reddy describes can be called “Integrated, low external input sustainable farming model comprising of multiple production systems, including agroforestry, livestock, poultry & horticulture, for small land owners in rainfed areas.”

Integrated farming is not a new idea but it’s good to see it described in this context. Going by the recent discussion on a farmer in Kerala making 8-10 lakh / acre in a similar manner as described here, it may be argued that the model is equally applicable to farmers with medium sized land holdings of 10-20 acres.

Should come in handy for farm bunds, plots, borders and along the roads plantations.

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