Trap/Lure to attract sucking pest and Fruitfly

By Any chance did any one come across or any one using the products from

I have already placed order for one :slight_smile: Slightly different model one priced at around 32000.  and its exorbitantly priced for a regular farmer but willing to give it shot.
Evalauation Report AS9007E.pdf (836 KB)

Isn’t this a glorified light trap with possibly an electrocution mechanism than the usual water tray used for killing the insects caught?
From the description on the site/pdf, I could not make out if it employs any more than light to catch the insects.

A solar light trap could be made for a lot lesser cost, so I wonder if there is more to it than meets the eye.

Not all pests get attracted to light and to the best of my knowledge, sucking pests and fruit flies are not phototropic.
(I see there is a mention of some sucking pests in the attachment though)

Do let us know how it fares.