Training or any education programe in Dairy Farm management

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am like you , an aspirant diary enterprenure. Considering the increasing input cost, am sure that a proper, professional and business approach only can make the diary farm successful. I agree that a practical learning is far better. However I believe that 1st learn theory then do the practicals so it will help us to raise the question too and explore more knowledge.

I have searched lot for a formal education in Diary farm management. however some of the vet collages provides Btech,Mtech,.etc which is basically for a job. I have come know to know about a Diploma in Dairy technology from IGNOU but again it does not cover entirely on Dairy enterprenureship/managment,

If any one know about a good diploma course in Dairy farm management or Dairy enterprenureship pls share the informations. Once theatrical knowledge get through, surely will go for practicals.

rajan mathew

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am a BBA graduate with diploma in computer and export import managements. presently working with a Public ltd company engaged in manufacturing exports of agri products, protein meals (de oiled meals) as Asst General Manager Exports. my native is Kerala and am looking forward to establish a modern dairy farm with back to back integration. basically am from farmer family so agriculture, nature and farming is matter close to my heart. now am at 36yrs so almost 16 yrs spent in career so I planning to spend my rest of life where heart matter. ys its risky proportion too as at present have comfortable safe with reasonably paid job where agri matter may be uncertain… still am confident that with proper learned art of farming may bring more prosperous and a chance to follow the heart …

after posting above thread I came to know there is diary farm management cource conducted in every two months in English at KVK, Baramati Nr Pune. its a 4 day residential cource with live diary farm tour too.

regarding training noticed that it is in Kannada, hope they will conduct in english too.
will me keep in touch with you for more inputs and motivations…

rajan mathew

Dear Mr.Rajan Mathew,

Access internet to get info on dairy farming. Visit and work in a farm in kerala for 30 days so that you understand the management procedures, milking, breeding,veterinary care,herbal cures etc.I consider that to be better than attending courses.Practical knowledge gives you more confidence in facing situations than theoretical knowledge. Not only that you learn how do they feed the cows with resources available in Kerala. For any help please call me on 9447088234.

Murali Krishnan

You see the following link (An entrepreneur with a difference), who integrated dairy form and making profitable by-product like bio-gas for cooking, electricity generation, vermi compose, azolla production, organic fertliizer  etc… apart from producing milk.

He conducting training to farmer, once a batch formed. you can visit his farm or to know more in details.


Thanks lot. we are already in contact as communicated. remain keep watching and in contact

thank you very much Rameshji for sharing such a valuable inputs

The man who gave popularity in Kerala for Azolla cutivation is Mr.Kamalasanan Pillai, staying at Kalluvathilkal between Trivandrum and Kollam.