Training on Natural Farming - Hyd - May 2017

Dear All,

For the benefit of you all, I wanted to share this news which I have read just now (page#5 of Eenadu daily AndhraPradesh edition)…

There is a training scheduled on Natural Farming (maybe Palekar ji’s methods?) from 13th May to 21st May 2017 at Muchhinthala near Shamshabad, Hyderabad. For details you may contact 040-27635867 or 040-27654337.


Looks like no one really bothered about this or wanted to know of any such trainings. But this was the news I had been waiting to see for quite some time and when I’ve seen it in the newspaper yesterday I felt happy and thought would share immediately within this forum thinking that many would be interested…

Guys let me know if this training is not of any value, so that I can also skip it…

Dear Sri Rhythubidda sir,

Our, This farmers forum always welcome any news brought to the notice of all our forum Farmer friends. Whether they reciprocates for it or not, it is left to their own discretion, We believe.

Before coming to a conclusion, we hope that we should know the history of such news. There are 1,001farming methods, in which ZBNF is one. Some likes it and some may not. Hope every Farmer is having his own thinking’s that which system suits his land.

We thought that this incidences , which took place on 13.09.2016 and till end of september, 2016, may be brought to the notice of some who don’t know it.

It is learnt through some news papers about a fact , happened on 13.09.2016, in our Holy place Thirupathi, that all most around more than 600 Agriculture Intellectuals were infront of the dias, including great Agri/Horti Scholars,Professors, Agri/Horti students, farmers, the said to be main speaker of the Zero Budget Natural Farming, criticised openly from the dias, that the Agriculture/Horticulture professors, do not have any knowledge on correct Agticulture/Horticulture and the knowledge on the subject matter is not having any authority and it is totally wrong.

Unanimously, all most all the Agri/Horti professors, Students and farmers boycotted the conference .

The matter was brought to the notice of the Vice Chancellor of the Agriculture university and they temporarily pacified the hot ness of the issue and advised the speaker not to use wrong statements.

It is learnt that , again conference started in the after noon and again the same sean repeated .

It seems, all the attendants have boycotted the conference and it was closed. It is learnt that the matter was brought to the notice of the Head of the state also and this issue went to such an extent that the Honorary Doctorate to be awarded to the said ZBNF speaker is cancelled.

All the above news has come in all the leading news papers in English and Telugu languages. A part from the above, eye witnesses of the above conference also revealed the above fact. We hope you might not have known this above fact.

We hope that all our good and honest Farmers Forum has the right to reciprocate for the messages, whom they want to answer.

Wish you the best, and we will answer your querrys, for which we can and feel.

With best wishes, g.p.rao, farmer


I called the Number provided on the News Paper the same day and below are the details.

  1. This is Conducted by the Seva Organization Samstha
  2. This organization is located near Rama Krishna Matt, You can reach Emerald Sweet store and enquire for this.
  3. Total duration of the training is 9 Days and the course is conducted at Chinna jeeyar swamy ashram.
  4. You need to get registered for this course by paying the fee of Rs.600/- Per head (Not sure this is per day or full 9 days. I missed out this over phone)
  5. Trainee can stay at the provided rooms, only concern is you are not supposed to wash the Cloths, so you need to carry the full set of cloths.
  6. It is mandatory for the person to attended this training with Spouse (Even if you are a daily commuter to this place or staying with them over there)

I thought to register by visiting them and post the full details to the form, but due to personal work I could not meet them over the weekend.

My only concern in attending to this program is time (9 Days - Leave at work) and spouse availability (As kids have the Vacation and some one should take care).

Attached is the article from the News Paper on 31st March 2017.



Poster being circulated in relation to this training activity is attached for everyone’s reference. The information provided is in Telugu language, with brief terms for attending the camp i.e. particpants has to attend in pair only (wife n Husband or Father / son or Brothers etc). Also, mobile phones are strictly banned for entire duration of training.

Rahul Meka