Traditional Methods : Agriculture

Hi guys,

Can any one come out with traditional methods being used for agriculture by our forefathers. Before the onset of Hybrid seeds.

Recently I could see that Castor Oil plants are mixed with jowar,ragi, avare kai and other inter crops. Any specific reason for mixing castor ?

Also I could see during the initial paddy cultivation, the “Yekka plants leaves” are mixed with the soil. Sorry dont know the english name, but this plant has some purple flowers and oozes out milk type liquid when its leaves or branches are broken.  Ash color. No not the “Kalli” ones.

There must be a lot of such practices. Any any one add more and its uses ??



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Sad to see no replies - don’t we really have ppl on the forum who can add a few points?

Maybe not by our ancestors but read about the Three sisters use by the American Indians. A combination of Squash/zucchini,Maize and a climbing bean.The Maize forms a support for the climbing bean which in turn fixes nitrogen and gives it to the soil and the squash spreads on the ground acting as a living mulch. I am sure there are numerous such indigenous practices here too.We need to lose our “know it all” attitude and speak to our older farmers who still remember the old ways.