Tractor Service

I am a student doing a project on customer service in tractor industry. I have a few queries towards tractor owners.

What brand of tractor do you own? Where do you usually service it , at a local garage or at the company dealership . Why so ? What is the one thing that you expect when you go for service ?

It would be of great help if some of you can answer this. I hope to gain some insights on customer service in this industry.


I own a Massey 1035 (39HP).

Since the tractor is new we are getting it done at our home and this is really best part of Massey service. They send their technician to our home when we call them.

Earlier we used to have Mahindra, but we used to send our tractor to local town which is around 45 km from our village, which meant at-least 2 days of downtime.

In addition second important point is availability and price of spare part. On this point Mahindra wins hands down. It’s spare part are cheapest and is easily available.

Hope this helps.