Too many ants in my farm

Hello All,

We have lots of black ants and ant hills in my farm…  they are almost like every where.

I don’t know what they are searching for…and what they are eating.

We are having 4 acres of Sugarcane (4 months old) and Turmeric (1 month old) and 4 acres rainy crop at present.

Can any one please tell me if these ants are harmful to my crops (I can’t see any visible harm done to my crops till now), and how to control them.


Dear Venu Sir, Ants will not do any direct damage to any plants. One thing they create nuisance with their presence and 2nd is , they help mealy bugs and indirectly help to damage the crops.

hope the best to you,  g.p.rao,    farmer

Dear sir use chloro pyriphose 35ml in 15 liters to control ants and termites in sugarcane.

Thank you Naynesh,

My observation in past one year is that after these black ants have infested my farm, I have seen considerable reduction of termites (white ants).

I just wanted to know if they are harmful to the crop, I don’t want to kill them un-necessarily.