Tomato plantation in rainy season


Please advice me about the fertilizer, disease and pest control for tomato plantation in rainy season.

Thanks in advance.


Try and keep the rain off them with some sort of plastic cover, and as loong sugested make sure they are not too close together, air flow is very important to have some control over fungus problems, but it is also important not to remove any healthy leaves as a developing fruit truss will assimilate mainly from the leaf above the truss, the leaf opposite, and the leaf immediately below the truss, the leaves growing below an immature fruit truss should not be removed because they contribute to to the formation of assimilates and to the remobilisation of mobile nutrients. Leaves retained below the lowest fruit truss on the plant will result in a larger fruit size on that truss as these leaves produce assimilates which is directly imported into the fruit on that truss, deleafing reduces fruit dry matter, which reduces sugars and and soluble solids which is directly related among other things to the sweetness of the fruit, this is so often overlooked when growing tomato cultivars. Another thing to remember is that the rain is a problem not just because of the fungus issues ,it also has a direct relationship with tomato taste and fruit cracking, if you let the plant dry out a little and then you get a lot of rain entering the root zone the plant will readily absorb this excess moisture { basically the fruit gets a gut full of water } and that weakens the nutrients and this in turn also lowers the fruit dry matter and the fruit swells faster than the fruit skin can expand and this pressure causes the fruit to crack.


PS, how many stems are you running on each plant, how many and what type of cultivar are you growing.