Tomato Plant disease

Image is attached,
can anyone suggest what it is, I used M45 once and it was under control but now symptoms are again visible… can anyone suggest any natural way?

Try Syngenta Kavach(Chlorothalonil).

Always you have to change the pesticide alternatively.

Naturalway is spraying sour buttermilk stored in copper vessle for a week.

This is called  blight .Usually it affects the stem, leaf and  fruits .Once affected leaves  will have a burnt look followed by stems and the  fruits  will also be black in color  and for sure it will affect the  total produce .The  effective  way to control this to spray  ACROBAT & M45 .This combination is affective but expensive too.

I had  the same  in November 2013 after the rains  and when the  humidity and temperatures rose .

U need to  start spraying it  immediately(few hours)  after you spot it  other wise it will kill the total crop.


hey Ajai,
blight or mildew ? how does one make out the difference ?

i get confused most of the times, so correct identification is very critical, and hence the treatment.
wouldnt Thiophanate Methyl + silica be one of the best combinations ?



Mildew does not  affect the stem and it does not turn the stem brown nor tomato turns  black or brown  .In this case I feel the leaves looks like its burnt  and some brown patch on stem  .Blight is very dangerous than  mildew and it can actually wipe out the crop …