Tomato not fruiting

Hi Sir,

I had bought a couple of grow bags and few seeds in Bangalore and then I had to move to Mumbai.
The tomato seeds I sowed in my balcony area in the month of July has grown up quite well. The plant has grown more than 3.5 feet. I have provided a support of plastic thread to the plant as the plant has started bending down.
But, my problem is that all of the flowers are constantly falling down along with the stalk.
I am based in Mumbai. I am very much disappointed and heart broken. It was a bit hot in the months of september and october. So, I concluded that the temperature might have been the issue. So, I uprooted the whole plant from the grow bag and put into a pot and brought it inside the house 5 days ago.
But, there is no improvement, I see the flowers fallen on the floor daily.

I am attaching the pics. Please suggest what would have gone wrong?

Can someone please help me regarding this?

Too hot or too cold temperature can disturb pollination in tomatoes and results in blossom drop.once the temperature becomes normal it will start fruiting. You may assist pollination by shaking the plant, though success is limited.

See that the plant gets more sunlight. From photos i can see that it had less sunlight due to which the plant had grown tall. 

Pl try this. 1.To cover the shock due to transplantation pl mix 4 drops of homeopathic Arnica 30 in one ltre of water mix it with 5-10 litre of water after shaking it rigorously (5-10litres depends on your requirement) let the plants settle for 7 day then give a dose of homeopathic  Phosphorus 6 in similar way, pl dont forget to give me feedback on 9773551402,I am in Navi mumbai the total cost will be less that 30 Rs. I told you this because I appreciate your love for plants. You can also buy globule(pills) and add 10 pills instead of 4 drops. This will be still cheaper.