Tomato for winter early flowering

GM friends,
I will plant tomato Bayer US 440 variety on 15th Dec’18. To avoid April harvest due to extreme heat, can I prepone most of flowering till March by ethrel treatment or any other way? Kindly advice.
-Guru Prasad

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You can go ahead with sprays of chemicals like Florex (GeoLife) that would accelerate your flowering and fruiting.
These are relatively less harmful to final produce as compared to Ethrel.

Also, do ensure that right nutrient management is maintained.

Siddharth Dialani
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Dear all,

Update from my end.
My crop is 75 days old. Flowering & fruit formation is good. Due to change in weather, pest problems started.
My request to forum friends:
I am expecting temperatures to raise to 40 degrees in the next one month or so and that will be the peak time of my harvest.
Kindly educate me as to how I can take plat protection measures in hot summer like:

  1. When is the right time for irrigation?
  2. What kind of fertilizers to use, how much quantity and which to avoid?
  3. Any special recommendation on sprays/tonics/micronutrients etc for summer heat?
  4. Any other advise relevant during summer.

One more question:

  • Current price of tomato at farmgate is around 3 rs/kg. Any clues as to reasons for such low price & when the prices may pick up in coming days.
  • Kindly suggest a good tomato mandi in Bangalore.

Thanks & Best regards
Guru Prasad
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just wondering if you have tried the eNAM and other online platforms available for selling your produce?

Thanks for suggesting Sundaresh sir. I have not tried for tomato but I did try for watermelon couple of years back but the logistics arrangement and other aspects did not seem to be feasible.

It may be a good idea to try it out. Also wondering if you want to explore the Tomato Puree market also . While i must confess i do not have enough knowledge on the Puree industry but if we farmers keep selling raw produce … we will always be at mercy of market forces…WE should look to process and move up the chain.

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