To start a dairy farm near south bangalore

I am planning to start a dairy farm in 30-50km distance from electronic city, bangalore with 20-25 cows, of course starting with 5. I am new to this and has been learning. Looking to start with HF/Jersy cows

  1. I need advise on what places are ideal/available for the above criteria. Planning to take for lease. How much does the lease cost approximately.
  2. How much does a basic shed(want to finish it very cheap) for 10 cows cost and any best designs for cow shed.
    More questions to follow later.


Get a training from
Best training NDRI karnal
Kvk baramati
In bangalore you will get training from SLBTC hesaraghatta

Cheapest housing method is ISRAELI LOOSE HOUSING SYSTEM - just a roof, no walls

Hi Khannae,

Thank you for the input. Regd. training, I will try to get some training.

I am still in the process of finding a place for lease which is becoming difficult and any suggestion or inputs by anyone would be highly helpful.


Before investing first get the training
That will give you idea about your needs and helps in resource management
You may hire laborers for all the work, but there’s no match for first hand knowledge