To All Amateur Dairy Farmers

Hi all
this is not for experts
an ameteur to ameteur advice
mods and experts please correct me
let me go step by step

about me : i “was” a failed dairy farmer. I learnt lessons from my mistakes i started with one cow and now i have 4 cows and am inching towards profit

[color=red] conception of idea [/color]
most amateur dairy farmers start calculation even before they have seen/touched a cow :smiley: ::) :stuck_out_tongue:
they read about some tall claims ,some farmer becoming stinking rich just with few cows…etc etc
idea is always good but its has to be properly executed

dairy needs meticulous planning,hard work
first of all, all dairy enthusiasists should undergo a training/first hand knowledge

where do you get training?? :-\ :frowning: :-[

KVK baramati

NDRI karnal

SLBTC bangalore
monthly training website has not been updated :d

enquire near by kisan vikas kendras for more details

…to be continued

Well said, every one interested in dairy first go and work few days in any dairy or spend some quality time with farmers and should have hand on experience.

[color=red][size=100]Episode 2[/size][/color]

Assuming you have had good training lets go further

Step wise approach
first know exactly what you want, how much you want ,what do you want to do with what you have
[color=red]things to think before starting a dairy[/color]
1 market for your product
2 availability of trusted labor
3 availability of veterinary doctor
4 availability of raw materials like concentrates, medicines,
5 what should be done if there is surplus of product
6 what should be done if there is shortage
7 alternate for all the above mentioned

[color=green]What are all the pre-requisites[/color]

  1. [color=blue]Land[/color] :  ideally one acre of land is required to maintain 5 adult cows and 3 calves
    if you are optimizing resources  you can have 7-8 adult cows/acre
    what to do with the land?
    depending on your intended herd size shed has to be constructed and fodder is to be grown

shed construction:
loose housing system :see attachment

if you are going for TAIL to TAIL system
my personal opinion is tail to tail system is best for small-to -medium dairies(1-20 cows)
head to head system is better for larger dairies
points to consider

read this … using.html

in simple
1: select an elevated area
2 long axis of the shed should be north south direction
3 sufficient ventilation
4 at least 10 feet height  peripherally and 12-14 feet height centrally
5 concrete flooring  with or without  rubber mats
6 allocate area for calves
7 allocate area for dry cows
8 allocate  isolated area for sick cows
9 plan for proper drainage considering rainfall,elevation etc
fodder management
read attachment

[size=100][color=red]to be continued…[/color][/size]
Loose housing cattle -buffalo shed design.pdf (786 KB)
Feed & fodder management in dairy animals.pdf (1.37 MB)

[color=red]Episode 3[/color]

continued from previous post
[color=blue] loose housing system[/color]
see attachment

now coming to the most important part of  dairy
selecting the cattle

A1 and A2 milk ????
well most people would not have heard of it
only people in metro cities ,techies and extremely health conscious people will know the difference and rest of vast general population does not care.they want good milk A 1 or A 2

go through these … breed.html … ction.html
Construction of Israel Type Farm.pdf (3.42 MB)

prices mentioned in kvk Baramati  files  were 6 years old

current pricing is astronomical

everything mentioned above is theory and under ideal condition

next i will come to practical aspects of cow selection, difficulties, how people get cheated etc etc
Breeds of cattle buffaloes in english presentation.pdf (2.57 MB)
Selection of animals kvk baramati.pdf (1.24 MB)

[color=red]Episode 4[/color]

[color=blue] Ground reality[/color]
it is very difficult to get freshly calved milking cows
Only few farmers with genuine reasons sell milking cows
pros and cons of milking cows
1 you will get milk from day 1
2 need not spend on vet for calving
3 you can actually measure yield and then purchase so not much of cheating is possible
1 calving date will be unreliable( farmers/sellers may claim freshly calved but in actual it may be months
2 there might have been troubles during calving like uterine inversion, retained placenta etc which will affect successive reproduction
common malpractices adopted by farmers/sellers while selling milking cow
1 lies about date of calving
2 lies about number of calvings
3 lies about yield -even though you milk and yield is less farmers claim less yield is due to  stress caused by strangers etc etc

now a days in Karnataka and Tamil Nadu sellers/farmers are selling only pregnant cows
reasons being
they can always make tall claims about yield as you cannot verify and if the yield is less after calving they can always blame your maintainance
they don’t have to worry about calving date and calving associated problems

[color=red] cow selection in practical[/color]
you have read the general characteristics of an ideal cow
unless otherwise you are purchasing from a reputed modern “breeders” there wont be any records for any cow ,even if there is one dont trust such records
purchase cow according to their teeth
please read this

now you know the aapproximate age of the cow
[color=red] now udder[/color]
udder must be large proportionate with good attachements a good udder attaches from just below vagina of the cow and is uniform  well placed teats
feel of the udder: spongy just like water  balloon/
milk vein
thick tortuous milk vein  with branches spread over udder is good
heifers will have small milk vein
milk vein becomes prominent only before milking

[color=red]beware[/color] of edematous udders in pregnant cows
in such cows udder looks big and tempting but edematour uddder will be prone for  mastitis and milk yield will be poor

spend some time with the cow see if it is eating dry fodder :smiley: :sunglasses:
almost all cows love green fodder
few cows may not like dry fodder

observe cow dung especially in milking cows as ppl may feed very high quantity of concentrates so that milk yield is high during selling period in such cows cow dung is loose
ideal cowd ung is darkish little odor and when falls on ground makes “thupp” sound ::) :-[ :astonished:
watch for urine color
watch for its behaviour with other cows- very important as some cows hate “other cows”

now you have selected a cow

one more important factor
if distance is more than  100 kms it is better to transport at night
transportation must be slow taking care of curves and have a watch on cows minimize stress as much as possible
give special attention to pregnant cows as transportation stress may cause premature delivery and loss of income

to be continued…

[color=red]Episode 5[/color]

now you have selected cow and brought your cow to your farm
there are 2 situations
1—> pre-existing dairy— no need to explain they will be knowing
2—>lot of things to be  done
if you have purchased all the cows from single source then you can keep them together
if you have brought from different sources then you have to keep them separate for observation
first few days are critical as cows may deliver prematurely because of transportation stress, in such case calves will be weak and milk yield will be less

caring of individual cow
since it is highly unreliable about the dates of calving  it is always better to assume calving to be less then a month more likely to be less than fortnight so it is better to start feeding cows with concentrates
go through this … ation.html

and this … ement.html

you will get general idea and individualize according to your market needs and labor availability

[color=red] FEW TIPS[/color]
Recent research suggestions: during last 3 weeks of pregnancy keep the cow on low calcium diet so as to avoid milk fever
( i know this sounds absurd at first but it has sound scientific base-
government of canada research … evers.html
australian government … ia-in-cows


  to be continued…

[color=red]Episode 6[/color]
signs of calving

[color=blue]read this[/color]


Care during calving
first calving is always difficult and you should be extra careful
for safety call vet/experienced farmers

be prepared for high yielding cows- milk fever
in many training and almost all western sites it is adviced to seperate cow immediately after birth

feed the calf with colostrum as early as possible
delay in feeding colostrum will cause poor immunity

i wanted to add my own observation- though for very few cows in and around my village
incidence of mastitis was less in cows which were allowed to feed calves
---- reasons being 1----> complete suckling by calves
                              2---->saliva of the calves contain antibodies against common pathogens
                              3----> stimulates Oxytocin release
do whatever suits you

FOr those who have no experience in dairying please watch these videos you will have basic understanding about dairy
part 1

part 2

… to be continued

Waiting eagerly for the next part!  ;D ;D ;D

[color=red]Episode 7[/color]
Now that your cow has calved, it is milking time
two ways of milking
small scale few cows dairy
hand milking:
reasons being milk let down by cow (Oxytocin release) is for 8 minutes
  just for those who want to try ,see these videos
remember milking is an art , master it

and this

by the way i like the girl  :-* :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue: wish i had a girl like that in my small farm  ;D


points to remember in hand milking
1-------> ensure complete milking to prevent mastitis
2------->do not cause pain  ( two finger milking will cause pain) yield will decrease
3-------> keep the udder clean
4-------> clean the udder after milking
5------->filter milk before supplying

will add personal videos of milking and other things when i get time

… to be continued

Hello Khane ji
After doing training from KVK  baramati & visiting 4-5 farms.
Can I start my own dairy farm with 5 HF cows?
Shall i have enough knowledge ??



Which is best training between KVK, Baramati or NDRI, Karnal ??

At KVK, baramati Delaval is knowledge partner …

I am planning to do training , anybody please suggest me…