Tissue Culture banana Cultivation in Chhattisgarh

I am new in the field of Banana Cultivation/Farming, and have planted tissue culture banana plants in just a acre of land for Trial and Study purpose (if successful will be extended to 10 acres). I tried to find related information abt the cultivation, pest management etc for the banana, although i got information from Internet, but some information were contradicting.

Also i am facing some problems of pests and disease in few of my plants (~80 plants planted 2 years back for small scale tests)

I am sure This is right place to ask for guidance from the experts and experienced farmers.

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S Jain

Welcome S Jain!

You need you post your specific questions too.

I am facing problem of spotted leaves and fruits in few of the plants!.. agri experts in my region says it due to RAIN Damage. But i highly doubt this? Can any one confirm! Pics Attached.

What are the pesticides/fungicide you have sprayed so far?

Did you try cutting the fruit and see? how deep it is affected? is it only on skin?

Do you have these spots on stems also?

The spots are only on the SKIN, Both in fruits and Leaves, but not in the stem.

I have so far just sprayed the NEEM EXTRACT, It controls the spread for few days, But its not able to stop it. After 4-5 days the problem starts again to spread. Can you suggest some pesticides? i think damage is due to beetle…

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plant marigold as intercrop. It will take care of most of these problems. Also use agniastra from palekar references along with neemastra every 1 month continuously.