TIPs for higher productivity of pods in MORINGA ( ODC3')

Moringa oleifera is gaining awareness among the farming community in India as well as overseas countries .But most of the farmers are facing difficulties in getting good yield of pods for want of proper guidance and technical information .
Formation of ridge of earth mound along the rows of MORINGA trees to the height of 30-45 CMS . Treated bio culture consisting of Azospyrillum , phosphobacteria , Pseudomonas, Beauveria bassiana , Vascular Arbuscular Mycorrhiza ( VAM) ,pluroteus are applied over the top of ridges and mulched with organic trashes like dry sugarcane leaves , or paddy straw or whatever agriculture waste available on farm . This will create an excellent microclimate around rhizosphere and regulates continuous mineralisation and supply of nutrients to MORINGA trees .
Allowing more side branches by pinching off the terminal growing point and pruning unproductive weak branches .The lateral ( Horizontal ) branches always produce more pods than upright branches due to accumulation of more photosynthate in sink ( Site of floral primordia ) .


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Greetings for the day, can you please supply us moringa we are interested to buy any quantity please message me on WhatsApp here is my number 9755452530 Thanks in advance

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Thanks a lot for sharing the valuable information. I am interested to know further to cultivate Moringa. Can you please contact me on my Whatsup Number 8050746974.


How much quantity you looking for moringa?

is Treated Bioculture available with ingredients stated by You or one needs to buy all the components and Mix ? If so what Quantity of Each and how much to apply per Plant and in What Frequency ?

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This bioculture is not available ready made anywhere but need to be prepared on farm . 1000 kgs of well decomposed , powdered farmyard manure is taken . 5 kgs of neem cake , 1 kg each Azospyrillum and phosphobacteria , 5
kgs of VAM , 0.5 kg Beauveria bassiana ,0.5 kg pleurotus and 1 kg Pseudomonas and 2 lit panchagavya are mixed throughly in 1000 kgs of farmyard manure and water is sprinkled lightly over the mixture to keep it moist . This mixture is heaped in small lots and covered by wet used jute gunnies under the shade of trees or thatched shed . In a week or 10 days time all the micro organisms would have multiplied very fast and you can observe the heap turning white . One kg of this bioculture is applied to each MORINGA tree . This can be applied when seeds are sown , after first pinching of MORINGA plants in about 60-75 days after sowing , next after pruning of MORINGA trees in about 110-120 days .

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I was not able to get Small Qties of Bassania and VAM

Is this good for other Fruits like Lemon, Watermelon and other fruit Trees ?

One piece of land is “color Mannu” If I use this, with Soil Quality Improve ? Is there a way I can call you sometime ? Yr Number Pl Mine is 9840035099

Sure both Beauveria bassiana and VAM can be used in any crops . But these don’t improve problem soils .To reclaim problem soils you need to resort to other methods like growing of green manure crops , application of Farm yard manure , using of drip/ sprinkler irrigation in lieu of flood irrigation , mulching of soil ,addition of gypsum , biofertilizer , avoiding chemical fertilizers or use of small quantity of only such class of fertilizers that do not react in your soil system and aggravate the problem further , growing crops that suit your soil . Only few other crops like Gooseberry that grows well in Alkaline soil .Replacement of top soil with tank silt in case of horticulture farm / orchards etc …there are many ways you can follow to reclaim soil depending on your circumstances …

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I see some Cos selling the above in Bottles and in Liquid Fiorm–Hope it is OK–Do you know anyone selling these in Tamilnadu

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There are lot of sellers all over India .But I know these inputs ,either available in liquid or powder form , can be purchased and cultured in farmyard manures for further use . All these microbes multiply very well in farmyard manure .Just you have to treat farmyard manure in PANCHAGAVYA and mix whatever other microbes that you want to use frequently in farm .Whenever you use this on farm ,just reserve some quantity to be used as mother cultur for further multiplication .This way you can very well avoid overdependence on sellers and save on cost and time . In organic farming specifically when it is practiced in tropical countries like ours , fast multiplication of microbes rapidly depletes the organic carbon and as result death rates of microbial population will be more than its multiplication proportionately to the decline in organic carbon in soil . So farmers need to apply enriched organic manure ) bioculture at definite frequency in optimum level so as to grow sustainable crops and get good yield and market quality .

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I am looking for ODC3 plants or seeds, can you please suggest availability.
I am based in bangalore rural area.

This is one Mr.Chaitanya based in Solapur ,in Maharastra …This guy is selling original ODC 3 seeds and I see most of the farmers sown his seeds saw their moringa produce first flowers in about 100 days and yield of pods and quality is best …More over he used to give free technical guidance to his clients .Better you please call him for more information and your requirement of seeds