Timber Plantation Haryana

Hello Esteemed members,

I am a 51 year old businessman living in Haryana. I own 2 land parcels. One of them is 3.5 acres and the other one is around 28 acres.

I had around 15 neem trees planted on the 3.5 acre parcel 8-10 years ago. Due to some construction work we had to clear the land and I ended up selling the neem trees for 4.5 Rs/kg to a local timber mill. This gave me an idea to utilize my 28 acres land parcel for timber plantation. A google search regarding the same brought me to this website and I saw some interesting articles suggesting Gamahar and other plantations.

Please suggest what kind of Timber Plantation I can do in 28 acres of fertile land. Irrigation facilities are available.

Bhayya Chakra Solutions !

You have already got experience in Neem Plantation and got an Income . It shows the Demand for the Timber in India because of the Permanent Ban on Drawing of Timber from the Indian Forests .This situation is not only India, this is Global Phenomena. To overcome the Future Demand of the Timber Scientist have Identified [color=orange]Gold[/color] [color=green]Harvest Melia Dubai[/color] [color=purple]Plantation [/color]. As you said Gamahar  plantations will suitable for cutting after 10 Years while Melia Dubai can sell in TWO years for Paper Industries and it will be suitable for Plywood on growing for SIX Years. If it keeps for 10 Years it will have construction Timber Value.
Kindly inform us your Mail ID so that we will provide you the full details about [color=orange]Gold[/color] [color=green]Harvest Melia Dubai[/color] [color=purple]Plantation [/color].

For Comparison of the above TWO Plantations  Pl. Visit the following Link.
richfarmerpoorfarmer.blogspot.in … ecies.html

pl. contact 9133498366 or mail to vasudhagreenfarms@gmail.com

Dear Vasudha Farms,

What are your views on Poplar? I am thinking about planting poplar on the 3.5 acre land and then Gamahar, Melia Dubai and Poplar on the 28 acre land. Please advice.