Timber plantation, any ideas, suggestions?

I have approx 10 acers of land where i want to invest in timber plantation. from my research of the data and info available online, i found GAMHAR tree to be most suitable , both in terms of growing time and retun,

Does anyone in this forum has experience with gamhar and can tell basic problems, advantages and disadvantages of the same. What is the current value of avg. fully grown tree.

any other alternative then Gamhar? I have land based in chhattisgarh
any details or ideas appreciated

It is in great demand. It is used for windows shutters, window frames, doors etc. It has a rate of 750rs cft.

I dont have other information like growth rate and gestation period etc. It needs forest dept license to cut and transport.

below are more info about the tree

Thanks for info,

the wiki dsnt seems to be any helpful in this case. BTW kindly do let me know if you ever came across any further info/details.