This 22-Year-Old Boy Left CA Studies to Help Farmers Double Their Income Using

It is nice to see a lot of folks coming into farming related areas. I have been reading up on a bunch of startups that seem to be trying out viable farm related business ideas of late.

However, I should admit I take media hype with a pinch of salt, thanks to some experiences.
For one - any idea should be self sustaining economically before trying to uplift farmers. Vermicompost units do not necessarily double farmers’ incomes and two - CA completion and a vermicompost unit are not necessarily mutually exclusive the way the article projects.

All in all, there is no denying this is a good step from the boy.

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I do agree…hype is the in thing…our countries politics is an example…very little progress on the ground but lots of trumpeting.Maybe because there is lots to be done to uplift the poor. But idealism cannot be brushed away…money is not everything…here is one recent article…

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Changing my thought process.
Anybody can share his address or contact number?
If yes I will go to meet him at his village

To know more about composting you can contact Prateek Bajaj at

Thanks for this.
I am asking "siddhartha " contact and address.
Inbox me your mobile number too so that I can talk to you.

It needs a lot of guts to take a decision like this.
Appreciate his courage.