The Kadaknath is an Indian breed of chicken

Is any one here with experience of The Kadaknath which  is an Indian breed of chicken.

Kindly post + and - 


check below video,

This is the place they have most verities of chicken, If you contact they may help you.

i am rearing kadaknath birds for three years if you need guidance or chicks pls contact

Hi Vertical,

We went to Mannuthy University Poultry Farm (near Thrissur) in Kerala on 10th October 2013 and got some varieties of day old chicken (fancy, kadaknath, RIR,…) and ducks. All the birds are doing good in my farm now (of course some chicks died in the first 2 to 3 weeks).

The mannuthy poultry farm is very good and we can get so many varieties in one place.

I am still not sure about the + or - of rearing kadaknath yet. We just bought only 5 chicks.

You have to make booking in advance to get the required chicks at Mannuthy farm. They will open the hatchery on Thursdays @ 2pm.

You can also walk-in and buy the left over chicks to on Thursday itself. I felt the prices are cheaper compared to the other private growers.

Pradeep Reddy
MPR Farms


Great, I will need one more information is that ,can i transport them when they 15 days old or what is the ideal time .

Want to go with some 100 chicks to start with as It will also become a source of CO2 for my Plants in the green house :slight_smile:


Kadaknath is a docile bird looking similar to a medium type of country chicken. Its feed intake and other nutritional requirements are no lesser than other country chicken breeds. there are a huge positive things to say. better read at our

The only negative is its a bad brooder… that is not  a good mother making its breed rare. But you can hatch them with other desi chicken mothers.

Less fat
great taste
strengthens nerves
good iron content
and lots other… please read at our website…

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