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[color=green]This topic is for introductions and networking among forum members. Please take a minute to post your introduction in this topic. Feel free to post details of what you cultivate or farm, your location, interests, any special expertise and if and how you can help other farmers looking for help. Add in pictures of your farm if you like.

Please read this topic before posting your contact details:

Enjoy!  :slight_smile:[/color]

I am a small scale Farmer belongs to Rajasthan. I have Horticulture in two and half acres plus a Green House. In first season
of my Green House, I am cultivating CAPSICUM in three colours. I am also interested in “HYDROPONIC” soilless system and
in Nursery also. Still I am very new in Green House production, if someone specialist or seeking on lease or partnership can
contact to me on my e-mail nr  . I am ready to help my feloow farmers in the way I could. Thanks and regards to all of you.

Dear All Farmer Friends,

I am into Farming business since more than 20 years, in Palghar Taluka (Thane-Maharashtra).  We grow variety of Forestry trees,  Horticulture trees, few Medicinal plants,  selected Vegetables.  We also have a Poultry Farm, where the poultry is raised organically without any medicines etc.

I have expertise of Plant Nursery work and Bonsai plants.  I am willing to help and even visit farmers to help and interact with them,  without any fees.

Please feel free to contact me, preferably evenings.

Keep Smiling … Hemant Agarwal
9820174108 (Mumbai)


                I am a natural farmer from Wayanad, a hill-station in Northern Kerala. I grow coffee and pepper. Looking forward to lots of learning and sharing from this forum.

best regards,
Manoj Kottaaram

We are the producer of Grape, Pomegranate, Banana, Raisins such as golden raisins, green raisins, sultana raisins etc. We are producing our farm produce by using Good Agriculture Practices. We make available the farm resources to all farmer and to the all related persons with agriculture.

I am Nandan and is into natural farming since last 2 years. My farm is located in Palakkad,Kerala. My farm is around 9.25 acres and have 135 coconut trees, 500+ banana, around 10 mango tress…I also cultivate a few vegetables and planning to do paddy.

I am inspired by Fukuoka’s One Straw Revolution and follows these principles to the extend possible.


I am in Chennai but started to have an interest in agriculture and my field is near Tirunelveli. Right now i have grown black gram by organic methods…would like to share and learn from others here.

I am a small scale farmer in kerala, trissur destrict. I have 1.5 acr of land with 100 cocanut trees, 100 bennana trees, some mango trees, etc. i am intrested in organic farming. Aney one have the expertise in this field, please shere there vews and experience with me. My condact e-mail is


Iam Ashok Pokhriyal from Uttrakhand, a farm enthusiast currently working on a 4-5 acre land in hills of Dehradun since 1 year.
Iam inspired by Shri Subhash Palekar , Fukuoka’s way of natural farming and trying to implement there methods.

currently iam working in NOIDA in IT field and commute to farm once in a month, I hope to make natural farming my profession one day.

Iam working on multiple crops and currently lemon grass, haldi (turmeric), garlic and potato is there in field and planning to plant medicinal plants Satavari, Giloi etc along with 4-5 different pulses in coming season of monsoon. My farm is almost totally dependent on rain.

Iam a fresher in farming hope to get support and valuable guidance from this forum.
Please visit following link to see few fotos.


Hello Everyone,

I am glad to see that we have increasing interest in today’s youth with regards to agriculture and farming pursuits. In terms of introductions, we are a small and recent family operation of about 150 acres in Tamil Nadu. While our backgrounds and qualifications are in defense, hi-tech and engineering industries, we decided to pursue this as a long term goal. At this time our focus is to cultivate vegetables, medicinal herbs and biomass. We expect to venture in Hydroponics / Aquaponics by end of 2011.

Looking forward to interacting with industry practitioners, new and experienced farmers. Feel free to connect with us if you are visiting or are based out of Tamil Nadu.

Best regards,
Nakul Johri
Savera Farms
Follow our progress at :

    Im very much inspired by Masanobu Fukuoka  and Subash palekar method of natural farming,started reading there books and fukuoka passed away in 2008 and so im taking guidence from subash palekar directly about zero budget natural farming method.first we are in the process to produce our own needs for the year rice spices and cereals by nature way.
produce daily fresh what we need like milk vegetables etcwe want to give our children a healthy food which is not chemically fertilized.

refer masanobu fukuoka book:-“One straw revolution” and “natural farming”

subash palekar books:-“zero budget natural farming” published in five indian language and visit his website. he conducts workshop round the year in all states.

Keep in touch !

expecting more ideas to share pls forward all ur knowledge and ideas what you gained about agriculture.

Let us keep the nature safe for our generation to come

jai hind

Hi , I am an agriculturist looking after our ancestral property of abt 8.5 acres at Puttur, karnataka. We grow Arecanut, Plantains, Pepper, Coconut etc. Someone said it is impossible to raise a RUDRAKSHA tree here. so my Father , who was a Prof in  a dental College bought some RUDRAKSHA plants thru his students from Nepal. We were successfull after proper caring… Inspite of heavy labour problems and Areca price drop down , we are now managing thru the sales of Rudraksha!. Our village is about 4.5 kms from the city where there is no bus or vehicle conveyence. Still people come and visit our Rudraksha trees!!!

Hi Everybody!

I had made a recent post on another thread about the need for a place for interested members of this forum could post details of their background and activities, without realizing that such a provision already exists! Here’s about me – A L Ananthanarayanan

I have recently retired from business – engineer with post graduate specialization in Finance. So no background in farming! This is a hobby and by that I mean that I do not look out to make money to support myself. The farm [on the outskirts of Hyderabad (about 40Km)] has been there for some years but only over the last year have I paid it even a fraction of the attention it deserves. On about 1.5 acres of the 3 acre farm, there are several fruit trees (mango, guava, sapota, mosambi, figs, sitaphal, jackfruit, lemon, etc) with teak trees on the periphery. I have tried vegetable farming in the in between spaces. On the other farm rice has been cultivated in the past (not by me), but nothing done in the past 3 years. Both farms have a borewell.

My objectives are:

  1. Go the organic or natural way.
  2. Be able to set up a model small farm which ends up making money as an example for others in the vicinity so that more people can accept that farming (and particularly natural farming)is workable even in small land holdings.
  3. Concentrate on cash crops, or rather, high margin crops which would automatically be input intensive.
  4. Would like to try shade/poly house farming at a later stage if the additional investment can be shown to be worthwhile at this size/scale of operation– only because my idea is to make this a demonstration piece.
  5. Find hydrophonics very interesting, but is it workable the natural way?

My email ID is and my contact tel No is 09347500474.

Good wishes to all.

A L Ananthanarayanan
B171 Sainikpuri, Secunderabad - 500094








Hi - I am a very senior citizen, have a farm house on about an acre of land, have lots of interest in gardening, love to see plants grow. Can some one help me with simple step by step procedure to make the ideal soil for Pots and garden beds. Being on he outskirts of Bangalore, have an excellent weather, good supply of bore well water, and have a family to help me - well fit the list of a Gentleman Farmer. My farming is only a hobby. Need in puts from similar minded person and to keep in touch to exchange notes. 

Emu Farmer from Karnataka, We are leader Emu farming. We have Quality Emu Birds, please e-mail or call 9164990021
Visit for more information

Hi to all,

I have dived into farming recently having said bye to my IT field,  finally  :slight_smile:.

Though the discussions for procurement of land was for 10 Acres, only 3.4 acres have come under my belt. Another 3 is under GPA and balance 3.5 still the govt work is going on & on endless  :'(  Well it took me an horrendous 4 years for this to materialize and the torture I under went Or still undergoing is a different story all together  :astonished:.

I am planning to get started once this GPA stuff gets converted into my name OR with out this on 3.4 acres, once the rains start. Well this place has been named [color=maroon]“Nakshatri Thota”[/color].

Now my question to all the gurus is whether to go in for [color=blue]“organic farming”  [/color] OR the normal [color=blue]“NPK Farming”[/color]  ? I am totally confused  :-\ . I have completely gone through all the posts under  “is Organic Farming Practical”. Attended many lectures on Organic Farming. But there is no emphasis on Yield per Acre. No one gives any facts or figures. Right now its all left to ones imagination !! Well I have also read “One straw revolution”.

What do I do with lots and lots of thorny “Jalli Tree” aka “Acacia nilotica”. Any practical uses of this ??

I will keep you all updated on my activities once I start off with full steam

My mail id is


Murali Nakshatri.

Welcome !
I’d suggest you to undertake Masanobu Fukuoka’s natural farming methods or Subash Palekar’s Zero Budget Farming methods.
For God’s sake don’t go in for chemical farming. The yield per acre is less in the initial years in natural farming but it picks up as th efertility of the soil increases.
Good luck.

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I prefer to call myself a weekend farmer because it’s only on saturdays and sundays I visit my farm. While the rest of the week I do a regular job. I’m editor of couple of magazines published from Mumbai. Four years back I acquired an acre of land in Badlapur West and planted some 100 fruit trees, namely mangoes, coconut, jack fruit, fig, litchi, lemon, wood apple etc. Though a journalist I have always wanted to own a farm and grow my fruits and vegetables. At last it has happened. A newbie in farming I’m learning from fellow farmers, agriculturists, adivasis, horticulturists etc. For me it’s a new world and the same is reflected in my blog: 

Hi Guys, i am Rafiq Yusuf,i am based in bombay.Business was my earlier profession,now turning 360 degrees towards agri/horticulture.
Was fortunate to have ancestral mango farms in rajapur of ratnagiri dist.Also have lot of ancestral lands,lying waste for decades.Trying to put them to productive use.
Very much love the process of creation,thats what farming is.
Over the years have acquired some knowledge about mango cultivation,will be happy to help prospective mango maniacs in anway required.
On my farms i have alfonso,dasheri,langda,ratna kesar,pairi,raiwal,rajapuri, mango trees,cashew nut,jackfruit trees.
In the last few years have added sour lime,sitafal,chikoo,pineapple,tamarind,coconut,banana red,green,yellow,fig,pomegranate,mousami,orange,cinnamon,pepper.
Not yet fully satisfied,looking for newer varieties of fruit and flower plants.
Love flowers of the fragrant kind.
I am of the opinion that if you have land,you are surely God’s favourite.
Also strongly feel that our lands should suffice for all our needs.
Slowly trying to shift focus to organic farming.
Would love to help and interact with fellow forum members in learning,sharing,experiences,views and info on agri/horti topics.
The process of learning never stops.
Happy Ploughing,happy Tilling…Its very fulfilling