The FarmNest Wiki Articles contest 2013, join and win prizes!

Dear Members,

Welcome to the FarmNest Wiki Articles contest 2013!

The aim of this contest is to gather farming knowledge from the members and build a ready reference on the FarmNest Wiki pages. Participate by writing articles based on your knowledge and experiences on any farm related topic to see them on the FarmNest Wiki pages and help the community too. The contest opens today 24-Sep-13 and will remain open until 24-Dec-13, but start sending your articles right away. As a note of appreciation, we have some token prizes of Rs. 1000, Rs. 750 and Rs. 500 for the best three articles submitted by members, as judged by the site moderators. All approved articles also get you some free premium ads on the FarmNest Ads section.

Here are some quick rules and guidelines for your write ups:

[li]Please include original content based on your knowledge and experiences. Members will be responsible for ensuring the content they submit is not copied from anywhere.[/li]
[li]It is fine to synthesize a forum topic on FarmNest forum into a structured article, e.g., topics on how to get farmer certificate can be made into an article.[/li]
[li]If you are quoting small sections from somewhere, please reference the source. It is okay to use external links, except from other farming forums known to be averse to anything FarmNest :slight_smile:.[/li]
[li]Please keep in mind the focus of FarmNest is on the practical aspects. So pure theoretical articles are less useful.[/li]
[li]All write-ups should be non commercial; no advertising write-ups please. We will include author credits in a footnote on the wiki article - either the forum handle or name and business details if you prefer. So please include your own introduction and forum user id with your article submissions.[/li]
[li]Including photos and illustrations is a plus; however all pics and illustrations have to be original. Remember any pics and illustrations you submit may be used by FarmNest.[/li]
[li]FarmNest may accept or reject submissions without specifying any reasons. Approved articles and pictures will be converted to wiki pages, subject to changes now or in the future. Members will not be able to ask for removal of their write-ups once submitted or published.[/li]
[li]There is no limit on the size of the articles; long articles will be broken into subtopics on the FarmNest wiki pages.[/li]
[li]A member may send as many articles as the member can write.[/li]
[li]All articles should be sent by email to support at this site name email id in word or ODF Text format, along with any pictures and illustrations as email attachments. [/li][/ol]

Some examples of possible topics, you could possibly think of any other farming topic - just tell us your topic before you start, either on this topic or by email to support so we can avoid duplication.

[li]Successful dairy farming[/li]
[li]Poultry diseases management[/li]
[li]My experience with cultivating [/li]
[li]Package of practices for [/li]
[li]My experience with Natural Farming[/li]
[li]How to choose a farm [/li]
[li]How best to use a farm tractor[/li]
[li]Setting up a greenhouse[/li]
[li]My experience with hydroponic fodder cultivation[/li]
[li]Review on <farm exhibition/farm input>[/li]
[li]How I set up my farm[/li]
[li]Pest control in [/li]
[li]High density cultivation[/li]
[li]Land development for managing erosion[/li]
[li]My learnings from [/li]
[li]My experience with saving irrigation water on farms[/li]
[li]Marketing experiences of [/li]
[li]Farm laws in different states[/li]
[li]How to be a farmer in different states[/li]
[li]How to buy land in [/li]
[li]Solar applications for farm[/li]
[li]Farming abroad, what can we learn[/li]
[li]My review on a [/li]
[li]How to buy farmland in [/li]
[li]Biopesticide use[/li]
[li]Farm Fencing (enhancing existing page)[/li][/ul]

We look forward to your active participation - this is your chance to share your knowledge with the FarmNest community!


[color=brown]P.S.: FarmNest also needs some wiki volunteer editors - if you are tech savvy and can spare some time to edit some wiki pages, please email support. Thanks.[/color]

Confirmed Topics by Members:

[li]Viks - Greenhouse cultivation of capsicum[/li]
[li]Anoop - Watchouts for successful dairying[/li]
[li]ksagar - My experience with cultivating Potato - hidden treasure[/li]
[li]shanvarad - Biocontrol of Cardamom Root Grub with Entomopathogenic Nematodes [/li][/ol]

•My experience with cultivating Potato- hidden treasure

Dear sir
what should be the length of article.Will it be acceptable if it exceeds 1000 words.

Yes sir, length should not matter as noted above. Thanks.

3 confirmations. i say all the three participants make a deal and split the money in half  ;D
equally i mean…

ksagar… love the title for your topic.
all this will be very useful to others.

Pl let me know the dates by which ARTICLES can be submitted.Being unwell i could not do any thing on this issue so far.In case 10 days period is available I will submit my article.

3 confirmations. i say all the three participants make a deal and split the money in half  ;D
equally i mean…

ksagar… love the title for your topic.
all this will be very useful to others.

ksagar - My experience with cultivating Potato - hidden treasure,

hey gold digger! heard about TOMTATO (Tomato on top and Potato under the soil) on the same plant.
wana try out some?

Mr.Dixit, hows your health now? all back in action ? good that your back!

woah and seriously, whens the dead line for the article submission? is there really a “last date” ?  :astonished:  :'(


For questions around the dates.

hey !
2 months? :frowning:
Chandra Sir, most of my observations / practises / posts / documentation are based on day to day routine and/or requirement.

i myself am new to farming and lack indept knowledge, so i am learning myself. i am really afraid i will not be able to give my topic true justice as what deserves in this time, but sure do hope to add as much as i can on regular basis.

can something be worked out for such a situation ?
i am not worried about the prize, just want a complete detailed article in all the aspects i can think of which might be helpful for others.

Thanks Vivek, for your contributions.

The wiki pages can be added anytime and existing pages can be edited ongoing too, as more information becomes available.
The timeline is just for this fun contest.


Chandra Sir,
Being a content editor, i volunteer for editing the wiki articles. meanwhile i would like to suggest these topics for the contest -
[li]Long-term benefits of energy efficiency in farming activities[/li]
[li]Impact of global prices for cash crops in India - ways to mitigate volatility[/li]
[li]Agro-forestry - can farmers benefit from tree cultivation?[/li][/ul]
I will choose which ever is considered more suitable to farmnest readers

First, let us drop the “sir” bit - much more comfortable to everyone to be informal. :slight_smile:

Dear Levine,

Second, you propose some great topics. It would be great if you could take them all up too - not necessarily all at once if that is a hassle. Thanks for coming forward to contribute your knowledge to the community pool.

Third, thanks for volunteering to help on the wiki. I will reach out separately on how to do that.


Thank you Sir Mr. Chandra for your Innovative IDEAs in Serving Farm Community.!
It will be Most useful to the enthusiastic Farmers entering into Farming without
Practical Knowledge.

Kindly enlighten us whether there is any Specific Place in the Net to submit Articles to
"The FarmNest Wiki Articles contest 2013" or we have to Post them in the FORUM itself.

There may be a Problem in segregating the Articles for Contest and Normal Postings.
It is suggested to open a Separate Page for this Purpose. Kindly inform sir,

Vasudha Gerrn Farms,


Dear vasudhafarms,

Please read the first post in this topic on how to submit.


Dear viks
I am recuperating from my operation and am reasonably ok.I feel this year it may not be possible to write any article.I can not sit for more than 5-10minutes so sending any article may wait for next coming year.
Thanks a lot for remembering.
with regards

Obviously, we will have to extend the dates for submissions! :slight_smile:

Added Anoop’s contribution to the wiki here: Watchouts for successful dairying

Thanks Anoop!