The "FarmNest Farm of Fame" Photo Contests


[color=navy]Post your finest farm photos and win the periodic FarmNest Farm of Fame (FFF) contests. This is an opportunity to showcase your farming and photographic talents.

How it works:

  1. Each “FFF” contest will run for a limited time and will have a specific farm theme (fruits, dairy, field crops etc.). Each contest will have a special topic thread. All contests will be listed in this main topic
  2. Members can post theme related photographs directly in the FarmNest Farm of Fame contest topics, using the attach function. Location, date of taking the photos, and the camera/mobile model used should be included in the post. No photos should be posted in this main topic
  3. Upto 4 images can be posted by a member, preferably from the same farm. Only one post per member on one contest; pics posted on one contest can not be posted again on another contest.
  4. Photos should be no larger than 800px in either dimension. Size them using a program like gimp or paint before posting. The images will be sized automatically at posting, but it is better to resize them beforehand to avoid upload issues
  5. Original full size photos should be emailed to support at this site’s name: (a) with subject FFF- (b) including a link to the post in the email body
  6. Only photos taken by the member should be posted - even though it need not be the member’s own farm. Photos from someone else or downloaded from the internet are not allowed. Members will be responsible not to post any copyrighted or protected materials and for any issues arising from such materials
  7. No extensively photoshopped or modified photos please
  8. Best photos will be identified by a member poll opened for voting over a limited duration, after all posts are received. Each member of the forum can vote for two best posts on each topic
  9. The photos may be displayed or used on as deemed suitable - so no private photos should be posted.
  10. Personal information in the photos should be avoided
  11. If any contest has a small prize, the winner will be responsible for all tax implications. For a prize to be given out, there should be at least 4 member entries.
  12. Specific contests may have additional rules noted in the specific thread of the contest, that may override the above

Contest Topics:

  1. FarmNest Farm of Fame Photo Contest Oct 2012 - Theme: General Farming
  2. FarmNest Farm of Fame Photo Contest Oct 2014 - Theme: My FarmNest


Chandra, Very good idea… Eager to see some pictures…:slight_smile:



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