The boundary wall

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I had a query and would appreciate a reply from the fellow member(s) on this forum.

I am planning to construct a boundary wall around my bungalow.

The total plot area of the bungalow is 4000 square feet. The overall height of the wall would be approx. 6 feet.

  1. Would it be better to use bricks or stone for the boundary wall?

  2. Please advise how much should one dig deep for a solid foundation of the boundary wall?

  3. What should be the ideal thickness (i.e. the width) for a real solid boundary wall e.g. 1 feet, 2 feet etc.?

  1. The plot being not so big - you should consider stone wall as against brick wall
  2. Height of 5 feet with barb on top should give you visibility from inside the house outside your boundary
  3. 1.5/2 feet depth should be good enough for the wall
  4. The width of the stone itself should be enough for the wall

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Many thanks for your reply and the information contained therein.

Dear sir, For any foundation , the soil type and its structure plays a vital role. If it is a red soil with small boulders and hard in nature ,a depth of 1.5 ft is sufficient. If a black soil, with clay and sludge, generally it requires above 2 to 2.5 ft and a layer of 6 inch RCC bed also required.Any how i suggest if it is a good solid soil no problem if not better to get the soil tested. For inside the soil and upto a height of 1 ft, black stone construction of 1.5 width is better and on the above 9 inch brick wall is good upto 5 ft height above stone base. Watering must be done properly while costructing the wall. g.p.rao,farmer

Mr G.P. Rao,

Thank you for your informative post on this issue.

Sir, the  foundation is depending upon the Soil.If is Gravely soil  1.50 to  2  FEET is enough.If it is BC Soil it should go up to Gravely or Sand is touched.But Concrete Bed is necessary for any soil.Best thing is to put Pillers at a distance of 10 Feet by making a Concrete Bed with Big (KANKARA) i.e. 3 to 4 Inches size Granite Stones and a an RCC Bed is Necessary if the soil is BC or Lomy Soils…If you Put  RCC Reinforced Bed with Pillers 9"  Red Brick Wall is enough.If you get the Granite stone at a Cheaper Price it is Suggested because the Granite Blocks are like GOLD and its cost will be appreciated. Even after 100 Years it can be reused. The Hight of the Compound will be 5 FEET. If more you put you won’t get FREE Air Flow. Further you Can put Barbed Wire / also you can put Solar Fencing over it.