The best crops under shadows of the tree

We are a progressive organic farmers. We are planning Moringa plantations in our farms. We wish to grow the crops ,which are best sited to grow well under  the shadows of the Moringa tree plantations. I know Brahmi, an Ayurved herbal crop is good and ginger is also good. But which is the best high value added crop to grow in Gujarat, other than above crops?. we are in north Gujarat part of the state.
Please advice us
Dr Brahmbhatt

Pineapple and Swordbean are shade loving crops.

Padmanabhan Ganesan

Dear Dr Brahmbutt sir,

can we know the weather conditions, min-max temp, humidity levels, light setails etc, soil type ( ph & ec ), water coditions (ec & ph) and elevation of your area ( above msl ), as we are at a distant place ( south india ).

you can brief some crops near by grown, to know the structure of land. On knowing, we can inform you suitably.

with best wishes,    g.prao