Terrace gardening

  I am interested to do green house on my terrace of space 1200 sq. ft. and start horticulture and try orchids growing using soil less.

Can anybody help me with the following queries.

1 .Which  poly house material  will be best suited  for terrace?. 
2. Where do we get orchid plants/ seeds and which variety can be grown in Bangalore?.
3. Is there any subsidy given for green house implementation on terrace in Bangalore?.

Please go thru this link
farmnest.com/forum/new-trends-in … /#msg15285

The material for miniaturised poly house should be shade net.You may not be in a position to create the desired environments in the poly sheet(may be you can & I may be wrong) hence shade net is advised to be better cover.You can however take technical advise from some poly house maker in your area for ventilation if you go for poly sheet.No subsidy is granted for terrace gardens.You can get best orchids from orchid nursery in Gangtok,Sikkim.Pl visit there and chose the orchids of your liking.Banglore’s environment previously used to be very good(no fans were required then which have become necessary now a days).Kindly keep that factor in mind.

Thanks rcdixit

Please contact the Association of People with Disability, Bangalore , they are conducting a workshop on Terrace gardening . Contact- Jyothi G 9902774540