Termites and Survey Timber Pole

Hello All,
Im planning to build a small shed in my farm using Survey tree timber / Nilgiri trees timber as pillars. I understand that the lifetime of such a pillar - if totally unprotected - is about 2 to 3 years due to termite damage. To enhance the lifetime, I am planning to surround the based of the pillar in concrete and make sure that soil / moisture / rain doesnt touch the tree/pillar. Since many people advice me against going in for survey pole, Another idea I had was to have stone pillars about 10 feet tall. But Im not sure if it will bear the weight of the roof and will crack .

Does anyone have any experience in such a structure ? is it a good idea to do this or I have to go in for metal poles ?
Can anyone suggest any other way to have pillars ? I want to have it eco friendly and aesthetic looking.

Thank you.

You can get concrete pillars. They will come with Y shape. You can place pole/pipe on the Y.

If you detach from soil termites dont attack this is true but, moths,hornets,wasps drill holes and start living inside it.

Another option is buy PVC pipe and fill concrete in side and use it as pole.

Thank you for your reply and ideas.  :slight_smile:
Will a stone pillar do ? As I said, I want to have it look as natural as possible. Also using PVC and cement may make it more expensive. As I think a stone pillar might cost around 500 and require very low labor work to install.

Yes. Stone pillar also work but select a size more than 8" other wise they break easily.It is very brittle. A small shock will crack the pillar.( labours hit spade to clean the stuck soil, for such small shock they break)

I think I will try with stone pillar. Thank you for your help!

Thank you Sir, for Shade Net 10 Feet Stone Pillars are required. The stone Pillars are avilable in seizes of 5 Feet/6 Feet/7 Feet and 10 Feet only. 8 Feet Pillars are not avilable  as far as Hyderabad area is concerned. But 8 Feet Stone Pillars are not suitable for Shade Net. The Pillar must be 10 Feet Height only though 8 Feet Pillars are avilable…
Manne SN,
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well bhumijafarms
i have already tried survey poles and also nilgiri poles for fencing
i used concrete and mixed phorate with concrete to avoid termites but its a waste of money after about 1 year around 20% of poles are gone/broken/fully eaten. its better to go for cement pillars/ much better steel pipes.

best of luck

If you think I suggested him 8ft long pillars you are wrong. I have suggested him 8inch size, means cross-section of pillar. usually 6ft long pillars will be available with 5 inch crosssection. when the length increases it becomes weak.

@Khannae - thank you for the pictures. Thats a great input for me. I have decided to go with metal poles. Will post the pictures and my experience when done.

i had tried with metal poles(2 inch hollow circular poles and square shaped poles for my shed)
metal fabrication was easy with square shaped poles and 16 guage 6 meters(19.7 feets)  lenght pipe costed me around 750 rs @50rs per kg
14 guage costed me around 950 rs
i  applied  metal primer to prevent rusting and painted  my favourite navy blue colour which looks good and also prolongs life  cost incurred was very less( about 1500 rs for the entire shed including gc sheets shed measurements 16X15 and 14X19)
but labor charges were very high(thanks to lot of  government schemes to make labors sit at home and do nothing but eat and sh**)
i am attaching 2 photos
sorry for poor quality