Termite Treatment for Amla Trees

Dear Farmnest Forum Members

I am writing to seek expert opinion and views of the members of Farmnest

I have around 500 Amla (Nelli) trees as part of my farm near Tenkasi in Southern Tamil Nadu. We have ongoing issues with frequent termite infestation of amla trees. We have avoided using chemical pesticides and other treatments. The amla tree basins are cleared frequently. I have tried watering the trees periodically, applying slaked lime and tobacco dust on trees and physically removing termites from the trees. Despite best and constant efforts I find all of these are only temporary solutions. Given that there have been no rains in the last year or so, the rate of termite formation is very frequent and very rapid

I have avoided using any chemical based treatment like chlorpyrifos as our cultivation is pre-dominantly chemical free.

I am writing to seek expert opinion and views of members of this forum for any other natural / biological treatments to control and stop termite infestation in my amla trees

Suggestions and views will be very much appreciated


P S Krishnan

Dear Sri Krishnan,

You can give fungal treatment with Metarhizium anisopliae , a bio pesticide/Microorganism, mfd and supplied by companies like Agri life, Secunderabad, Telangana, contact on request , Dr venkatesh, 09885446278 and, Ruchi bio, on req 09820146891, sri mahindra Thakur etc. and/or Ajay Biotek, 
Pune 411003, on request contact Phone: 020 66463544/55.

If you add the said above Metarhizium anisopliae to the termite area in the soil, In due coarse the termites will die and disappear.


you arrange to dig the termite affected area and try to catch hold of the Queen Termite, and kill it. Automatically all the termites will disappear in no time. If the queen termite is not killed, termites can not be disappeared/destroyed.

if possible, heavy watering also a good treatment for termite eradication.

please try any of the above and hope , you will be out of termite damage.

The above will work, only if you dont use Inorganic pesicides/Insecticides only.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

A Natural Way is to use neem oil with 10,000ppm azhadirictin… or more

Though the process works slowly, it is one of the safe and nontoxic ways of removing termite infestation.
Termites die quickly once they come in direct contact with neem oil. Would Suggest Mix  2…3ML[[color=red] depending on severity of infestation[/color]] of neem oil in 1 liter of water and spray it on the plants. for the 1st application. [color=blue]later on 1ml per liter[/color]
Repeat the application daily until the termites are completely eliminated.

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or a Cocktail of Neem Oil + Aloe Vera Gel + White Vinegar + Kerosene  :wink:

Also try This simple way to get rid of termite infestation is soapy water.
It forms a solid seal on the outer shells of termites which makes it vulnerable for them to breath. And they eventually die.

Liquid dish Soap 1 part to 10 part water … ( 1 : 10 )

Dear Sri Rohitud,

Since you specifically asked us to comment on the subject matter, I am narrating my observations of 35 years on Horticulture crops with Neem oil, Neem oil 10,000 ppm and Neem oil 50,000 ppm of Azhadirictin content.

From past couple of decades ,I am using neem oil, mix of 3 to 5 ml per ltr water, and from a decade I am using Neem oil with 10,000 ppm Azhadirictin content, mix 1 ml per ltr water, and from past 5 years , using Neem oil with 50,000ppm azhadirictin content, mix 0.3 ml per ltr water. In this we mix 0.5 ml Binder/Spreader also, per ltr water.

As per the gathered information from Horticulture/Agriculture authorities and as per the many years of my experience, it is gathered that Azhadirictin in the Neem oil has a great control on Syst of the  Insects, either making them partial or full disablement, while hatching process, and will become use less. Up to gathered information and my post spray observations, reveals that Azhadirictin in neem oil, can not kill any Adult Insects. It can act as a repellant only.

A Cocktail of Neem Oil + Aloe Vera Gel + White Vinegar + Kerosene , is not used by me till now and when need comes, i will use it.

Not only by gathered information, on my practical experience also, it is observed that the Queen Termite House in the colony, will be at a very depth. It is learnt that, its quarter will be at so depth because, the Queen Termite need More warmness, humidity and also safety precautions. You may be aware that each queen Termite can produce around 15,00,00,000 nos ( 15 crore ) termites in its life time of 15 years. More or less , it is a Sist producing factory.

That is the reason, it is a fact that the termites can be eradicated or removed from our land, only if the queen Termite is killed or shifted.

I have a practical knowledge with Metarhizium anisopliae, parasite fungus Microorganism, and if it is introduced in to the Termite colony, it enters in to the skin, of the queen termite and all the colony termites, and all they will be ruined in stipulated coarse of action, as all the termites will be in contact with each other and also with the queen TERMITE.

You pl speak to Dr Venkatesh sir of Agrilife, Hyderabad or any other Organic Horticulture professors of GKVK, Bengaluru, on request Sri Dr Devkumar, Msc ag, PHD, and or sri Dr MS Rao,Msc ag, PHD of IIHR,Hesarghatta, bengaluru or any other Authorities in the field of Bio pesticides.

Here as I said earlier, it is to be noted that either combination of neem oil with others or soapy water or else, all they act on contact only and the Queen Termite will be at a very deep and until unless it dies/shifted, the termite colony will not be removed.

These are my observations and practical study beliefs. It may Please be verified and can be put into action, if found correct only.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

As i found Shri P S Krishnan, not too keen in either using Chemical / Organic… Bio-organic Pesticide … I could only suggest Neem.

As far as the Termites and their Queen… I would go with Liquid Bio Pesticide - metarhizium anisopliae (10ml/litre of water) [color=blue]{ as Shri G.P.Rao Suggested }[/color]for only those plants which have most infestation to stop the termites building new  colonies .

I would also suggest if this is a recurring attack of termites you can treat the field with metarhizium anisopliae after 1st rain as it would penetrate deep.

I agree with Mr. g.p.rao

Neem extract is most often a preventative and is sometimes overrated as a panacea, per my experience
We use it as a prophylactic regularly but I am aware of farmers who note it reduces plant growth too.

I too Agree with Shri. Rao

So it is… Neem a universal cure/ remedy, wonder drug, perfect & Safe solution.

Dear Sri Chandra,

You made my observations and gathered information’s are correct. Thank you very much, for your valuable comments. It increases my confidential levels and encourages me to try and observe still in depth.

I believe in qualified  Authorities suggestions , as they studied and doing/did so much of Research and Developments on the farming practices. Additional to it, generally I will try to do the same suggestions applied on my crops and see the results. Hope it is helping our farming practices to be in comfort zone.

Dear Sri Rohitud,

As you said ,  Neem oil and its Azhardictin content is wonderful. Here, it may not be out of place to state here, that from past 20 years , I will add Neem oil in each and every  spray I do in my land. Forgotten the Authority of Horticulture,  who advised me to do so and I am comfortable with this and finding the damages to plants is on lower side.

With best wishes,      g.p.Rao,    farmer

Dear Sri Rohitud,

Forgotten to express my opinion on one good thing expressed by you, in your earlier report. As you opined, applying Metarzhium at the required land soil, after first or few rains, and I opine that it is good and its action will be fast, and the termite colony can be eradicated , successfully.

with best wishes,    g.p.rao,    farmer

Er, well, I think that is not what both Mr. [member=2048]g.p.rao[/member] or I am saying!  :stuck_out_tongue:

Dear Farmnest Forum members

Thank you all for your suggestions on termite treatment for Amla plants. I will be applying metarhizium anisopliae on the amla trees. I will update on the results in a fortnight

Thanks again, very much appreciated