Tellacherry pure breed vs telacherry cross

I am in the market to buy some goats for our farm.
There is a lot of dilemma regarding which breed to buy.

In TN, Telllacherry seems to be a popular one.

Questions I have are -

What are the advantages / disadvantages of Tellacherry pure breed vs Telacherry cross breed ?
How does Telacherry compare to local kanni breed ?
Which breed is suitable for meat purpose ?
Which breed is suitable for breeding purpose ?

I would appreciate if somebody could help us out on this! Thakns!

Before buying goat breeds, please determine your production first. What type of goat products do you want to produce? Meat or milk. For commercial meat production you can start raising Boer or Black Bengal. If you want to produce milk, then you should start with Jamunapari, Beetal, Saanen etc.