Techniques in Banana cultivation

Hi all,

In earlier posts I have seen that banana can be cultivated for many years without replanting (Reference was given about some swamiji in maharastra).

  • Did any one find out, how to grow banana with out replanting or crop rotation (which is usually done after 3 years.)for many years. Does it depend on the variety we choose or the cultivation method we follow.

  • There is another technique where in a healthy sucker is selected and the head (Excuse me if I am wrong) is removed, and left like that. I will grow again and the process is repeated 3 times. The purpose of this is to make the girth of the stem strong so that it can handle the wind and also the weight of the fruit.

  • what is "Removal of male buds " Can some one please explain in detail.

Please also share if there are any other techniques in banana cultivation which helps in increasing the girth of the stem and the weight of the fruit.